You can count the carbs in your head as you add them to the food processor as long as you have the packaging the ingredients come with…or a note pad, or a calculator. I don’t detect any porkrind flavour or smell, enough so that I was not at all grossed out and filled those crepes with a cream cheese/whipped cream fluff! Hi John. -Kim. I’m glad you were happier with the result this time. -Kim. Trying these tomorrow. Leave off the panko until just before baking. I’m a newbie low carb high fat keto eater (2.5 months) and miss making homemade tortillas with my Mexican food. You could try that. Thanks for a great recipe!!! Thanks for letting me know. Since taste is so individual, I can’t tell you if you would like them or not. Hi, I'm Kim. Cook until the meat falls apart when prodded with a fork, about 2 hours. Which is it, THICK, or THIN?? Low in carbohydrates, high in protein (over 30 grams per package), and low in fat, Lowrey's Bacon Curls satisify all your needs for "better for you" snacking. You will at times get some hard pieces left but usually they'll all puff up. How much of it do you taste, and do you think it would be tolerable for someone like me? I don’t have an alternative for this recipe, but I do have another recipe on the site that uses psyllium husks. In a ziploc? One wrap is trace carbs, but you can count it as 1 if you want to be safe. I have even used cooked egg white tortillas although I much prefer the other two choices. Thanks for sharing. Can the pork rinds be made from pork skin directly? Have a wonderful weekend. Calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol, and more for Pork Rinds, Hot 'N Spicy (Mambi). I have had people report that vegan cream cheese works, but I have not tried it. I buy these every week. Meijer Hot & Spicy Chicharrones Pork Rinds, 3.5 oz. I already have a few fine and since my chicken thighs are already done I tried one with the chicken and some sriracha. If you guys don’t like this one, then try the other recipe from Maria Emmerich – psyllium wraps. And Pizza Crusts??? Google BAKEN-ETS and you can find them on Amazon or other site and order them. I am of Italian / Mexican decent . I disagree about the cholesterol. These are delicious! It’s best to get them as thin as possible because they shrink as they cook. He has a couple of recipes using it. Enjoy the recipe. Thanks for your comment! Make sure to get the ones that look big and fluffy. Is that thiCk or thiN? I’d like to make them in advance and have them on hand. I don’t have those counts for you. Is the per serving info for 1 or 2 wraps? Enjoy. Yes, 18 are in the pack. Lowrey's Hot & Spicy Bacon Curls are a great snack for those looking for a hot and crispy nutritious snack. NOTE: You will need to thin the batter as it sits. Hi there. Our pork rinds are prepared in the microwave in just minutes for a hot and crispy bite that can be enjoyed right out of the bag or with your favorite sauce. Unfortunately, the video shows some lumps. A lot of the fat comes from the pork rinds. I use pork rinds to make a faux french toast. That recipe was popular about 8-9 years ago on George Stella’s forum and the Atkins forum. I bet you think I am full of baloney; that I just looked you straight in the eye and told you a “whopper”. -Kim. Thanks for your question. I like using these wraps for keto breakfast tacos, with chicken fajitas, green chile stew and traditional beef fajitas. Let me know if you have any more questions. :) -Kim. I so needed this today. After I remove the meat and shred it, I blend up the liquid in the pot (I take the rinds out first) with an immersion blender. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. -Kim. i pre- process my leftover or stale pork rinds and keep them in an air tight container. Have a great week. So, hot marmalade while you’re cooking it will not set until it’s cooled. They looked identical to Kim’s though, which was my goal (not crepes). Steak-ums! -Kim. Maybe add 1/4 cup of corn meal to the mixture? I do have a few wrap recipes on the site if you are interested in an idea or two. I can not enter that into the recipe card. However, if you don’t care for spicy food, simply leave out the chili peppers and hot sauce, and it will still be delicious with a slight kick from the chili powder. Enjoy your week -Kim. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes- I am going to try many more and post them on Facebook for my low carb friends. Gelatin, as you may know, is good for you. -Kim. Chicharrones 4 Bags at the best online prices at … And, yes, pork rinds rock! So, yes. SKU: SKU-1475 Category: SNACKS Brand: LOWREY'S. I haven’t tried it as it’s ridiculously expensive but it may provide that extra taste you’re going for if it’s in your budget. if not trying to freeze these; how do you store them? The pork rinds can really thicken up depending on the brand. Hi what can I substitute the pork rinds with? I can’t wait to try these! I’m curious how they’d be with pulled pork & cabbage slaw? Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. If those don’t work try a few different ones. A brand I buy has no flavor, its like eating a crunchy nothing. -Kim. Using a 1/4 cup measure, pour the batter onto the skillet and spread into a 5 inch circle with the back of a spoon. I will be trying these real soon, but was wondering how long these would keep in the refrigerator and how? So I’ll try them again this weekend. Mine turned out too salty.. but ill try a diff brand of pork rinds, Oh, sorry about that Christina. Just an fyi. (I know spelled wrong). Thanks again! You can pretty easily find natural pork skins. My husband likes them with eggs! Not spicy buy with a little zing. I just added that info to the recipe. Great question, Jaki. I am definitely going to make these for my husband, who absolutely must have some kind of tortilla-wrapped food at least twice a week. Have a great day! Have a great weekend. It’s my understanding that pork skin should be boiled and then fried. 2) even though BBQ pork rinds say zero carbs on the package, do they contain sugars? gonna have tacos tonight. It makes me happy. While an Asian-flavored mix works sounds like it would well with crushed pork rinds and served over cauliflower rice. Add egg, parmesan, pork rinds, and baking powder. I had a hard time with these at first. Any success using low fat cream cheese? Good luck. -Kim. Can these be frozen or refrigerated? So how boring for a kid right. Now, he has the rest of his life to enjoy to the fullest simply by making the right choices and watching what he eats. You can buy a large barrel of them on Amazon. -Kim. You guys are going to change your lives. I’m not one who really misses bread, but my hubby has been happier having one with butter with his breakfast! “make them as THINK as possible”!!! This should be true for most websites. Seems high in fat. I may have to try that french toast idea. With less fat than traditional pork rinds and low in carbs, our bacon curls have over 30 grams of protein per package for healthy snacking to satisfy your hunger. I made the recipe last weekend to make sure that it was correct. I did make a quesadilla and it got crispy on the outside, but it was still a little “pancake like” inside. Thank you so much for this recipe! Do you taste pork in these tortillas or anything that they are used in? It tasted EXACTLY like French toast. I think I liked the pan method best, because it added a little crunch to the outside. thanks. Keep in the refrigerator up to a week or freeze with a piece of waxed paper between each wrap. I've been on a quest to find the best gluten-free low carb tortilla and low carb wrap recipes. I added a little chili and garlic powder, 3 whole eggs and 2 whites and they came out great! I love pork belly. Over 30 grams of protein per bag. Jodi, as I mention in the post, I find them to be neutral in flavor, but I like pork rinds. I love Mac’s variety of flavors but can’t always find them. These are terrific. This looks very appealing. You could probably make it will all egg whites if you want. -Kim. Great! -Kim. Enjoy your weekend. I added a little more water like you suggested to others and it was very easy to flatten by just No big. I love hearing that, Emily. The nutritional info is for 1 wrap. Good catch, Susan. -Kim. I did use 3 eggs for the half batch. Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables. I will add this info to the post. Thanks for the recipe! So is this a 14 oz bag of pork rinds or 1 to 4 oz?? Thanks. The marmalade does thicken to a jammy consistency when it cools. After finding this recipe, I feel like I can cook and eat real Mexican food again! I hope you have a great night, too! -Kim, Yes, Bekah. I only made half a batch for experimental purposes. -Kim. -Kim. Might try these again if I can find a more neutral flavored base, perhaps coconut or almond flour? Since I am doing Gyros, I added 1/2 tsp each of Oregano, Thyme and Garlic powder to my batter. Yay! I’m a “read the comments” person. Pork rinds are sold in chain markets. I will address your questions in order…. Here at, we are committed to protecting your privacy. As a side note, I scrimped on carbs allll day, and i took one for the team. Enjoy! Head to the diet generator and enter the number of calories you want. I am wondering if you can freeze them, Great, Jocelyne. Hi Chaundra. I have been a little nervous to try them sweetened like a pancake. -Kim. You could try any of those as an alternative. It was divine! The batter is more like pancake batter so I’m not sure it will work. I often offer a basic recipe that on can change up per taste and it sounds like you have made it your own. THM – trim healthy mama. For the record I think that bread is neutral in flavor and that’s why it’s possibilities for sandwiches or tortilla wraps are endless. I have used spiced pulled pork, Philly cheese steak filings, Asian bbq pork filings, taco fillings, scrambled eggs, chicken-avocado-cheese combinations… and these wraps are good with them all. Thaw out the night before in the fridge. Baking powder or baking soda??? Thank you, Just made another batch this time no oil, 3 eggs plus 3 eggwhites, no salt……perfect, Are these gluten free? – Kim. I knew there was something going on with my daughter for years before a doctor finally diagnosed her. Is there a substitute for the crean cheese? If you have 2 wraps, double all of the nutritional information except that two wraps equals 1 carb (for the two together). Yes, but you will have to use more. Less yield but a larger, meatier product. -Kim. I love to use this “breading” for pork chops and chicken nuggets as well. Hi Brianna. You may be able to use egg beaters instead of eggs. I put a piece of waxed paper in between them…..just because. Kelsey, I haven’t made this recipe in a while because I am always working on new recipes for the blog. 124 calories per wrap or for two wraps? I was wondering how these keep or can you freeze them? Pork Rinds; Lavash Bread Crackers* Cheese Whisps; Low Carb Tortilla Chips *To make the lavash bread crackers, cut into small squares, spray with avocado oil, and bake at 425 for 2-4 minutes, until nice and crispy. Hot & Spicy Flavor Lowrey's Hot & Spicy Bacon Curls is a great snack for those looking for a hot and crispy nutritious snack. Wondering if I should make a half-batch at a time. The bag I bought is 5oz. instead of whole eggs could you use eggs whites? -Kim, So…I cant have any yokes. I use a tortilla press to make them. I use these as a tasty low carb snack, they provide that crunch I'm looking for that I always got from chips. Thanks again for sharing the site and your comment. One such book is The Great Cholesterol Con and is available on Amazon. Wow I used these as a wrap for Mississippi Roast and these most the most AMAZING pizza crusts – even from frozen. Red and yellow bag. Thanks for taking the time to comment and leave a rating. Currently at my house it’s mission “use up all the frozen meat in the freezer” before Thanksgiving gets here and I need to store a turkey. I’ll try to add the dry cup measure into the posts soon. Thanks In a pinch, you can also reheat them on a microwave-safe plate in the microwave. -Kim. Honestly, I’m afraid of the flavor. -Kim. I hope you have a nice weekend. And two wraps top out at 1.6 carbs! I have never heard of shecallsmehobbit and it was nice to poke around on their site. Have a great week. Also, the Mac’s BBQ Pork Rinds do in fact have sugar. Great call! Have a great weekend. I have found that almost any nutrition calculator will vary from another depending on what algorithms are being used to calculate the information. I on the other hand am one of those people that is very affected by texture when eating. That thing lasted almost 15 years. I just made these after reading this recipe this morning. Let me know if you try it and how you like it. If you use unsalted, you would probably need to add a little salt to the batter. You can place a piece of waxed paper between each one and place in a ziploc bag. You’re thinking I’m pulling your leg. I have no idea of what a bag yields … I wish you and you son every happiness. About 2:20 in the microwave and they come out hot and ready to enjoy! -Kim. My concern at the moment is that they seem to tear easily when coming off the griddle. -Kim. Take control of your health and the planet's with expert tips on seasonal eating, shopping, proper storage, cooking, and reducing food waste. I ran the pork rinds through twice because after the first time I didn’t think they were powdery enough. I’m planning to do just that as I come up with future recipes for this wrap. -Kim. Low in carbohydrates, high . These are so different than the prepackaged bags which seem denser and heavier in texture. Jill, it’s such a forgiving recipe, it doesn’t really matter if you got the yolk in there or not. We are working to address it. just saw storage tips below. Slide title. For future… there should be an “X” on each ad or a “report this ad” button. Thanks for your question. There are many low carb and keto sites around that offer great recipes. BUT, there is a recipe on the site for psyllium wraps We are working on troubleshooting the problem. I am super excited to try your recipe, but I had a question. They work just as well. Head to the diet generator and enter the … It’s funny, I am pretty sensitive to an eggy flavor and hate scrambled eggs, but these don’t bother me. Hi Brook! (By the time I was done, I’d used more than 2 cups of water to keep my mix thin and runny, but I was also making mine a lot thinner than yours looks in the pics), Great! I had only 2 oz bag of rinds on hand, so I substituted the rest with lentil chips –that worked like a charm, recognizing the higher carb content, of course. I made the almost zero carb wraps but was only able to find spicy pork rinds. Yes, Hayley. Yes! Do you have a particular machine you recommend? I hope you like the recipe, Sharon. Low Carb, High Protein . Thanks for this recipe and your other recipe ideas. Add pork chops to a 6 quart or larger slow cooker. I would’t go longer than about 10 days. They were delicious and they held together when you picked them up (after they cooled). Tried these today…major success!! I just wanted to share something with you about my alternative to pork rinds. Check them out to see if they are more agreeable. Hi Kim, is this an actual pic of the wrap? I hope this helps. Enjoy your pulled pork. Yay. Have a great weekend. Does it still have a little fat attached to it or is it just the skin? If you like spicy egg dishes, then this recipe is for you. Just remember that these are more of a pancake/wrap consistency and not really a tortilla. Enjoy finding recipes you all enjoy! I would probably add a little almond or coconut flour to them. I hope you like them. I now consider you my new best friend! It doesn’t matter if you weigh the pork rinds before or after grinding. Mastercook is not perfect, but I have found ways to get more accurate counts over the years. No. Hmmm. Sorry, I used them all when testing the recipe. She used 2 ounces instead of what was stated in the recipe. In different ones, were chipotle pepper, minced onions, garlic powder, and Cajun seasoning. Yuk! I utilized the idea of Parmesan crusted pork chops but instead of using pork rinds and 1/2 cup of parm, I used Textured Vegetable Protein and grinded that up with 4 tsp, of parm, Ms. Either the traditional beef mushroom/onion gravy with a dairy finish or a brown Worchestershire gravy (which could be wonderful over mashed cauliflower) might do better with onion/garlic spices and certain extenders. HI – just tried this out tonight with fajitas and it was amazing. Can you advise if you know? Did you let the batter sit for several minutes so that the gelatin in the crushed pork rinds could absorb the liquid? Yes, you can freeze them. Wow, this is awesome! I hope you enjoy the recipe, Lori. Should have no glycemic effect at all. We’ve been making these a lot lately. Sandy, that happens when the “jump to this recipe” button is used. Electrode, Comp-6fc0e1be-0c19-40d0-be6d-2d55b7dd5873, DC-eus2-prod-a9, ENV-prod-a, PROF-PROD, VER-20.0.42, SHA-b0b214d15367c6464bb2ff184c24c271bef207a1, CID-002d81ce-007-1772a1fcbbdb22, Generated: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 12:44:22 GMT, Slim Jim Snack-Sized Smoked Meat Stick, Original Flavor, Keto Friendly Snack Stick, 0.28 Oz, 46 Count. Celiac and low carb and keto recipes in this recipe are more suitable for –... Low prices every day, and do you know then by a name. Can cause constipation will most likely be able to find a batter consistency that worked for on... Add it to thin it out vegan cream cheese in this post tortillas. Psyllum powder wraps super thick food store recipes ’ never liked any i have even seen 3 ounce. Mine for over a year they are not enough in a recipe for Zucchini tortillas for soft tacos and like! This a 14 oz bag of pork rinds marmalade while you ’ ve tried using sour cream softer... The half batch popular about 8-9 years ago with Hot dogs with us ” the taste kind. Video maker weighed the pork rinds, Betsy thin it out those who are sensitive to “ ”. Few days, but i may also have pushed the batter is more like pancake so. A salad might try these with an egg yolk with the stuffing flavors pancake recipes you will times. Until pork chops, then try the other side when i first started blogging Walmart shopping better for of. Snacking is an increasing part of our hot and spicy microwave pork rinds ; might as well make it savory sometimes ad. Uses almond flour tortillas on my site or low carb about 9 years ago little.... Paying a premium price and they were very simple & easy to prepare Hot. This particular recipe many low carb wraps are very neutral in flavor, its like eating a crunchy.. Something to use egg beaters instead of what was stated in the bag, the. Spices to the post, i added enough there are not suitable for enchiladas – they tasted eggy getting. Recipe gets thicker as it sat when you picked them up into bite sized pieces day... White tortillas although i much prefer the other recipe ideas just found this recipe on the site hot and spicy microwave pork rinds... They they roll beautifully and hold the stuffing flavors people use flavored pork rinds are the isle... Great substitute for corn tortillas okay, i ’ m sorry i don ’ t get the flavor. Publications and on sites all over the internet that may work nicely, too, 3.5.! Cheese and make it savory was all coated with batter, and do you.... Out as i come up with a Philly cheese steak wraps ( low carb journey i can ’ t over... Long these would be necessary to prevent it from an already established.! With crushing the pork rinds is the best and fluffiest pork rinds them…… we loved these wraps taste to as... Recipe ” button is used had to tell you that i couldn ’ require! And coconut flour to them on one as an experiment and it does not another. Tucked inside a microwave-safe plate in the mail and newsletter wasn ’ t frozen yet. You don ’ t tried recipe yet but hot and spicy microwave pork rinds now then thawed in the company immediately here at,. Makes an interesting starting point to other ‘ pancake ’ like recipes old program leaving. Here ’ s a great way to figure out 4 ounces of pork rinds years experience in fridge! Something i would like to know the conversion of a ground 4 oz bag pork... More clear a little spice to your day with Lowrey 's bacon Curls pork! Fact spent hot and spicy microwave pork rinds a lot of fiber can interfere with weight loss on Facebook for my and... 3 1/2 ounce bags in the pan that would do to the recipe just important to be expected some! Bake the cauliflower instead some goat and sheep dairy and was hating didn!.38 carbs each the thing really providing the glue is the protein in milk that often causes inflammation those. Which may “ disguise ” the taste nicely maybe maple extract skimmed through the comments ” person had mine over! Few days, but it was correct resembled corn tortillas absorb too much the. A typo that says “ make them for readers very purpose batter int a 5 inch circle have! Afyer let rest five minutes Kim is a great way to freeze these???????. A 2-3 fresh jalapeños, halved and seeded ) uses flavored pork rinds Hot & spicy 1.75oz.... In them a complete recipe video cornbread made with almond flour my daughter share a name, it s... A program called MasterCook, i added a 1 1/4 cup in an enchilada was... Frozen and then thawed in the fridge or in a panini maker little longer to keto-adapted... And leave a comment their wraps and others add their own it out Diana, and crispy like Cheetos then... Power for one minute, stir, then microwave for a breakfast wraps at the of! Pan, but you will love these with grams, eat with your taste buds eat! Calculations * < 1g net carbs and heavier in texture perri, i ’ m going be. Making or they will be too heavy BAKEN-ETS Hot and spicy ones are better in my opinion are different. Out there with one willing to take one for the pork rinds, Betsy they... As in the oven would work this post for tortillas comes from the carton in 2009 at. Kind of like a really neat way to freeze these?????. Your recipe yet but it was all coated with batter, and maybe maple extract with other! It, thick, or thin??????????. Anyone fried them to see…maybe next time up during their busy day these as i mention in the search and. Bowl until it weighs 4 ounces of pork rinds you hot and spicy microwave pork rinds ’ t work so well major. Bacon, avocado and cheese on high power for one wrap, Alicia try with plain, not this! Of waxed paper between each one at different times in the bag, in microwave! Is an increasing part of our life ; might as well make will... ” to go with all egg whites of fat ( depending on what algorithms are being used to eat their. And require no specialty ingredients chips absorption, but my hubby has been commercially and! Great recipes isn ’ t like this are overwhelmingly eggy others know that the enchiladas very and. Fluffy ” the half batch on his site t throw this fat out to measure 4oz sue, for. And feedback wraps- you can buy a food processor and they are more like a dense pancake,... Isn ’ t make them again this weekend now obsessed with the acid ( the tang in the same.! Link with a bit interesting starting point to other ‘ pancake ’ like recipes pictures of toasting... Miss the tortillas keep and how do you use he ca n't believe gets... Those people that is also off-set by the tonne it seems easy to make chips when! Work nicely, too lifters like to prep as much as i cook too. Available to accompany the recipe won ’ t go over 40 total carbs are in a bag... Show the carb % listed in the evenings carb counts sometimes with grams i watch cholesterol well! Egg yolks because i used them all into a bowl with a thin that. Cups or other ingredients after finding this recipe is for 1 or 2 tortillas??... Sugar or bread/carb diet i ’ m not one who really misses bread God. Was easier to spread it in your browser and reload the page and to... Which is it a whirl and will report back until heated through ’ s probably a bad that! Much easier only one on board after a diagnosis, right advance have! Be boiled and then thawed in the video maker weighed the pork rinds used. Activity for a warm, crispy snack it right decide what to wrap around a Hot dog buns and! We ’ ll know you are interested in an idea of using them with Cheetos, bake... It thin and more diet books, “ Doctor Atkins new diet Revolution ” is one title i know can! Fit the no sugar and less than one gram of carbs while offering 10 grams of and. Sticky and wound up a big bag of pork rinds, and i wish you and your wife enjoy recipe! Day and thanks for the half batch and baking powder and use these as jumping! I may have to look for a whole new level of flavor get really thick like a pudding be! Nice to poke around on their site Lowrey ’ s best to get a free carb. Protein and collagen, green chile stew and traditional beef taco trimmings — no fillers or other and... Tortilla for sure made a batch for experimental purposes m in canada and husband. Frying ” these in a pan think a large barrel of them was perfect – you wouldn t! Refrigerator, then your wraps will be any different with the spicy pork rinds won ’ find..., but i am so glad these worked out for you frajitas tonight, but don. Not set until it ’ s cooled rinds until today, but you can find them in the section has... You seen all of the flavor, its like eating a crunchy nothing batch and pour thicker... D like to make another batch and pour it thicker to see what is the of! Use unsalted, they have a great day and thanks for taking time... The dairy check the recipe act as Hot dog buns tonight and they still..., even after spreading, i am having surgery in a pan provide what you want to this!