If Jenny wants to sell these dolls, the appraisal values are irrelevant. But some outdoor swapmeets do have a antique row where other people can sell their antiques as well. Selling a Barbie doll might also be done as part of a garage sale, if other things need to be sold along with it. Here is a crash course on the preservation of your dolls, in 10 quick tips. The 2020 values listed are meant to give someone with no knowledge of vintage Barbie an approximate idea of value of dolls in average to excellent condition. The 1988 Happy Holiday Barbie is recognized as the first “Collectible Barbie,” even though it was not initially intended that way. $29.89. There are dolls through the history of Barbie, even as recent as 10 to 15 years ago, that still go for at least four figures.” Any Barbie connected with something of cultural significance may be saleable. Dolls are very plentiful on the Internet so it is difficult to receive a "good" price, even for valuable dolls and "regular" dolls sell for only a few dollars. Written by Crystal Bonser . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Later Barbie dolls had painted-on eyelashes. If you are looking to either buy or sell Barbies, the trick to getting the best value is doing your research up front. So if you happen to own one of these Barbies, or know someone who does, you’re sitting on a mini-goldmine, and that’s only if you have the heart to give them away. Barbie Collector Values are based on Barbie values found at auctions and online retail stores. We offer a 25% extra for trade-in credit towards merchandise that we sell on brianstoys.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Collectible Dolls in Phoenix, AZ. or Best Offer. Wonder Woman 1984 Barbie® Dolls The market for pre-1980 Barbie Dolls continues to be strong. The rare 1950s and 1960s Barbies in original boxes are very much sought after and sell quickly at high prices. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading How To Sell a Doll Collection: A Step by Step Guide to Selling Antique, Vintage and Modern Dolls. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Barbie Doll Collectors And Buyers locations in Seattle, WA. So that could be a win,win suggestion or it could also be a win lose suggestion. I personally would estimate that - if sold as a lot - you would only receive about .25 to 50 cents per doll. Barbie dolls are not just pretty they are also pretty expensive, if some of their collector-value prices are to be believed. Buying and selling dolls is the heart of doll collecting.Even if you only have a few dolls in your attic, you need to know if you have trash—common play dolls you can donate—or a real treasure as certain vintage and antique dolls can be worth thousands. If you have other dolls you think we … Barbie is one of the most popular toys ever, selling about 1 billion dolls since debuting in 1959. Opening Time 09:00 - 18:00. Pawn Shops That Buy Collectible Dolls & Doll Houses. Sell Vintage Barbie Dolls. Released in 1959, the first-ever Barbie doll features golden hair, a black and white bathing suit and blue eyeshadow. But you know they may even buy them from you themselves. Get on the ice with Barbie as she suits up in her Tim Hortons hockey jersey, grabs her helmet and hockey stick and hits the ice with her team. “A never-removed-from-box example of her would go for $2,500. Like any collectible, the condition of the toy is paramount. Surprise! First about your doll then about the online channel you will use to sell it. Holiday Barbies are limited edition dolls that have been in production since 1988 1. If you are planning to sell some Barbie dolls from your collection, it is important to first know the value of each doll you have. We buy vintage Barbies from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Turn your Barbie collection into cash. Winter Splendor Black Barbie. Call Us Anytime +632 716 0348. Since you have so much invested in your dolls, you need to take care of them. Use our easy tools to submit a list of your toys to get a quote for your collection and get paid fast. Collectible Doll Buyers in Phoenix on YP.com. How to Price a Collectible Doll; Toys. H oliday Barbie Dolls initially came out in 1988, and most of the original dolls carry values, which are twice their original retail price. Some Barbie dolls manufactured in later years had molded-on underpants or tights. You could also try contacting your nearest certified Barbie retailer (you can find this by entering your information on the Barbie Collector website www.barbiecollector.com), sometimes they sell "Secondary Market" dolls for people. Totally Hair Barbie, a best seller in 1992, had floor length hair that could be styled. They are a huge hit among collectors and -- assuming they are in good condition -- can be sold on the secondary market for a significant price. ... New Mattel Barbie Rose Splendor Avon Pink Label Collectible Edition Robert Best. 17 watching. We are a major buyer of these items and would love for you to consider our service. 4 out of 5 Rating (7) (Reviewed by 7) Add to List Opens a popup. The dolls quickly sold-out and almost instantly started to command big prices on the secondary market. What matters is what other collectors will pay for them. Of course they would collect a commission on the dolls. SELL BARBIES AND OTHER DOLLS Sell your Barbies and other collectible dolls and accessories, including outfits, carry cases, doll houses and furniture, etc. $7.99 shipping. Used Barbie dolls can be sold at online auction store sites such as eBay, where a price and description can be set and shipping details can be arranged. Shop the best assortment of rare Barbie dolls and accessories for collectors right now at the official Barbie website! Loading... Sign in to see your user information. To that end, her best bet it to simply sell the dolls in the open market. We pay top dollar for your unopened toys. See more ideas about doll display, dolls, display. Nov 15, 2013 - Explore Linda Blunk's board "DOLLS DISPLAY IDEAS", followed by 575 people on Pinterest. Find 30 listings related to Barbie Doll Collectors And Buyers in Seattle on YP.com. Barbie is one of the most popular toys ever, selling about 1 billion dolls since debuting in 1959. Doll collections are an investment in money, time, and love. Values vary wildly for many different reasons including the condition of the doll, any accessories included, the cycles of the market, the conditions of the sale and how pretty the doll is. Dolls seem favorite items in the antiques and collectibles world. Mattel 2001 Holiday barbie doll~00s happy holidays collectible barbies~holiday barbie dolls~Happy Holiday barbies~holiday barbie~barbies Megthemama. Tim Hortons Barbie Doll (12-inch) inspires girls to explore their limitless potential and encourages them that they can be anything, including a hockey player. Email Us info@pioneertrucks.ph They also sometimes had arms that were bent at the elbows. 22. Although collectors generally think of preservation when they think of antique and vintage dolls, modern dolls are also very susceptible to damage from time and the elements. Or did you recently inherit an entire doll collection? How To Sell a Doll Collection: A Step by Step Guide to Selling Antique, Vintage and Modern Dolls - Kindle edition by Bouchard, Zendelle. Interested in selling your dolls? However, the first thing you have to do is try to figure out the procedure since it differs from one platform to the other. ... Quick View Wonder Woman 1984 Barbie® Dolls Opens a popup. Looking for Collectible Barbie Dolls? Barbie Danbury Mint Disney Franklin Mint Lee Middleton Madame Alexander Seymour Mann Vintage German Dolls. Barbie : Collectible Dolls Target / Toys / Dolls & Dollhouses / Barbie : Collectible Dolls (13) ‎ buy online & pick up in stores all delivery options same day delivery include out of stock 2 - 4 Years 5 - 7 Years 8 - 10 Years 14+ Years BABY Born Barbie Blume Candylocks Fortnite L.O.L. At Vintage Doll Pro, we specialize in purchasing vintage Barbie dolls. Examine the goods. Beginning in the late 1980s, Barbies were mass-produced, thus making them quite common. Designer Barbie Dolls Get Details Category: iGuide.net Page #647816 AFTER THE WALK Coca-Cola 11-1/2 inch Barbie Doll (Mattel, #17341, 1997) “There was Barbie’s cousin, Francie, done in 1972,” Justice says. If a Barbie doll has never been removed from the original packaging, it adds more to the value. Do you have collectible dolls or doll houses laying around gathering dust? Selling original Barbie dolls or other collectibles and their accessories like doll houses can earn you top dollar. To determine the actual cost of your Barbie … When Barbie Dolls have been played with they loose a lot of value. You can also try selling your collectible barbies at a outdoor swapmeet but beware if you love the collection i wouldn't want to sell it there. Get the best deals on Avon Barbie Dolls (1973-Now) ... Sell; Watchlist Expand Watch List. With those kind of prices, there is no doubt that Barbie is as hot as ever. Mint Condition Barbies are almost worth as much. Originally made for play, they are sought by collectors looking to relive happy childhoods, as well as by others who appreciate the beauty and workmanship that many dolls represent. The value of Holiday Barbie dolls varies based on the year, original value, and the condition of the doll. They are a huge hit among collectors and -- assuming they are in good condition -- can be sold on the secondary market for a significant price. Some of the early Barbie dolls had eyelashes that seemed almost real. My eBay Expand My eBay. We have been purchasing toys since 1994, & have thousands of satisfied customers! The internet offers a lot of platforms to sell your dolls. Barbie has been around since 1959, and the hundreds of varieties of Barbies can sell for anywhere between $5 and $5,000 dollars. Condition is important in the value of a Barbie Doll, NRFB (Never Removed From Box) is the ideal highest value Barbie Dolls you will find. You may be "lucky" and find someone who wants this many dolls. 18 April, 2017 . Below are some guidelines on how you can check the value of your collectible Barbie dolls. 1 st United Pawn and Loan wants to buy them and put cash in your hands!. How to Sell My Holiday Barbie. The Barbie doll is of the most popular and recognizable dolls ever created, and not just among young girls. The first thing to do is to carry out your research.