I also won’t be voting for Ron DeSantis either. I filed in May and never had to ask for backpay or backdated claim to 3/29. The DEO said it’s important for claimants to log into their CONNECT account to claim their weeks. Or am I not eligible for the 300 in Fl? I spoke to someone of the phone for the first time in 65 days and he had no answers other than to say he was sorry and he was on hold on behalf of 9 others to get answers from a supervisor. Since the wages listed from my employers looked correct, I answered “NO” to these questions. Address: 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125 Testing Hours: 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. daily; by appointment only Who can be tested? its so stressful. I do not understand why I have not received my $300 check yet? The additional $600 is meant to be provided each week until the end of July 2020. But I only got paid for three weeks retroactively from Aug 1st. Yet I received all these payments for the rest of February the (275) and got two payments of $600 on 05/05. I spoke to customer service rep and explain the issue and was then told that I AM entitled $600 PUA and not understanding why I never received the PUA link that is suppose to appear in the system. As mentioned above, I received my unemployment direct deposited on 5/23. Latest Updates Ensuring the safety and health of Miami Beach residents, visitors and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic remains the … Total BS. The Landlord can be based outside of Orange County but the rental property(ies) applied for rent arrears payment through this Eviction Diversion Program must be in Orange County, Florida. I can’t get through to Unemployment Assistance to save my life. They even have me a check number so I know there’s a check but whereeeee, They didn’t give me a check number but she said she saw where it was processed ugh it’s really annoying. My employer didn’t have my personal email or direct deposit info, so all of my initial communications were sent from DEO via standard/snail mail. So the good news is that, if you did get the FPUC than, somehow the system must show that you are or were eligible for PUA at some point. I have been waiting 7 weeks for retroactive pay still nothing! If a claimant has not received benefits or all of the benefits they believe they are entitled to, they should: Check that the weeks they are requesting are eligible weeks; and. He got the 600. Report all job refusals. So everyone is getting something different. So I had the submit the request the ending of July and never received the date change. My question is do you have to apply for the retroactive pay or is it automatic? Paid sick time could be carried over from year to year. First thing is to go to your inbox on connect and put a search date for 01/01/2020 you don’t have to put an end date and click to search. that’s why I was calling to ask for assistance as to what I was doing wrong. Now, on our CONNECT portal it says that my benefits became effective and started on 5/10 and my husbands on 5/24. No one to contact. But there’s just some things you can’t fix. I lost my job that i was in for 6 yrs got laid me off due to the pandemic, I lost my car, my apartment, moved in with parents who i love dearly. Those who meet the criteria can call (305)499-8767 to schedule an appointment. The City of Hialeah has published guidance on steps that you can take to protect yourself and others from exposure to and infection of COVID-19 at the following link: https://www.hialeahfl.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=106. Check ur account if u choose direct deposit. I have called for almost 9 weeks now and like you stated before everyone has a different story, they even gave me a number I could call (called for 5 days) and no one ever answered until one day someone did and he stated this is the CDC. Marc, thank you. DEO is full of shit! A lot of people are asking about their payments, but no one has said if they’ve checked in the Connect system. clue how that was calculated? I still haven’t received the 2nd check that never arrived due to “No unit #” they state every time we are sending another email (4) so far but give it 2 weeks and you should hear something! We didn’t bring COV19 into our lives . I did this on Thurs 8/6 and waiting to hearback. And will i be able to get the FPUC $600 dollar payment still? DEO play it stupid. However, the new date has never been entered on CONNECT so I’m not sure about getting the retroactive pay. I know people don’t like to think it’s their own fault when something’s not happening but the reality is that more times than not it’s something that person isn’t doing correctly. The $600 additional will come separately whether its direct deposit or check. Why is that? As of March 31st I was unemployed but I only became eligible for Florida RA on May 10th (due to the problems with getting into the system!!) Hopefully to Tomorrow I am caught up. Did they extend your benefits? If eligible, your claim may be backdated to the date you first attempted to file your application. Oh lord I feel like we in exact same situation. But there’s another recess coming up early next month for everyone to go home and campaign. They tell me they don’t even know who to contact. Mines as well. i was receiving my 600 a week then it just stopped its going on two weeks an a half an haven’t seen nothing ive called just to talk to a person who cant do much of nothing only thing she said was they are now sending the 600 with your payment ive requested my payments an gotten it but no 600 in the mail an no way to get in touch with the people i really need to talk to an ive been hearing this for alot of people what the hell is going on! Allows $1 Billion in loan subsidies to be made available to help small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives, small aquaculture producers, and nonprofit organizations which have been impacted by financial losses as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. “Moving forward and in an effort to streamline payments for Floridians, DEO is transitioning benefit payments back to a biweekly schedule.”. It is important to list the correct employment information when filing your claim. Nothing since!!! In terms of nutrition assistance, the measure would provide $500 million in emergency funding for the WIC program and $400 million for the Commodity Assistance Program for the emergency food assistance program (TEFAP), $100 million of which could be used for costs related to the distribution of goods. My payments have been on hold for the whole month of April and the whole month of July . Nothing. Can’t get through to anyone, always says they are busy and no option for anyone to call you back. my checks got returned to the deo and i got an email saying i needed to update my adress. The new Lost Wages program however does cut the federal benefit ($600 FPUC) in half since the state cannot afford to boost the benefit by the additional $100 state contribution requested by Trump. If assistance is needed with any of the following: Dial (305)929-1547 and follow the prompt for the service required. Then, on the left hand side, click on “View and Maintain Account Information”. It is November! Yep – sad for Floridians. I just need to find out! Second go to the link to view determinations and there should be a link where you can see the information on anything that has been processed for you and why it did or didn’t go through. There’s no case number but my SS and they processed it as regular claim instead of COVID-19. On March 14, 2020, the United States House of Representatives passed a second coronavirus response bill, called the "Families First Coronavirus Response Act," 363-40. I don’t know ,I have been trying to call but it is impossible to get through. I need to do this and have not found it. Keep trying the claiming the week system I went thru it and kept reanswering and it went thru. Thanks for reading..lol, Received 1 check for $600 in August dated for June 13, 2020 it says they sent out 6 more $600 dated for June 25,2020 and haven’t received them in the mail yet. WTF. As it relates to my experience with DEO (Florida), the system is setup for bi-weekly verification but payments are sent weekly. So I think at this point they are trying to play catch up. Thanks, Carol. Hi Shannon — I’ve been navigating the system since 3/28 … finally got monies a week or so ago. A new application will not be needed for the extension of PUA and PEUC; however additional documentation and information is likely going to be needed for the timely payment of benefits. I have the same circumstance, stopped federal $600 5/19. [Update with 2021 UI extensions and FAQ] The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) manages the states’ Reemployment Assistance benefits program, formerly known as unemployment compensation. I’m back to work as of September 1, but I should still get the LWA. Who do I call for lost checks in mail, Have you gotten yours yet? Thousands of Floridians have recently stopped getting $600 federal unemployment payments; state blames ‘technology concerns and errors with implementing CARES provisions. Will there be another extension to the claimable weeks ? The same thing happened to me in Florida as everyone.The payment system has changed and they did this without informing anyone.I got two 600.00 payments and then nothing.It turns out that All state and federal payments are now paid bi-weekly as of May 19th.So I did not get a payment until I filed 2 weeks later for the 2 weeks after May 19th.The 600.00 would come 4 or so days after your state says you are eligible in 2 week increments.So I just got my 2 week 1st 250.00 payment and am still waiting for the 600.00.I applied originally back in march and have gotten no retroactive payments.I think Desatan/Desantis is keeping the money in the Florida state coffers and letting interest grow for the state.Nothing else make any sense. Then on Nov. 1, all my retro weeks were available to claim. Your employment for the last 18 months including for each employer: Gross earnings (before taxes are taken out) during the listed dates, FEIN (this is found on any W2 or 1099 tax forms you have received), If you don’t have the FEIN, you can use employer details off of a recent paystub, Claims filed without correctly reporting employers may experience delays. Florida has failed in every way possible paying out the payments and their unemployment system in general has also been a huge failure. its been a little over 7 weeks now and iv only been paid for the waiting week just a couple days ago. Self employed and eligible but not receiving any of it. As far as the LWA you got that because you received at least $100 unemployment from the reconsideration. I must have been ineligible for the Federal Pandemic or regular UI claim because when Connect was finally open back up I had a link stating to apply for PUA. All I meant was, the damn government will change rules on people and it gets confusing to some then it causes problems! I have not seen any payments of the $600 since then. When I logged into DEO, there was a note on my account stating it had been exhausted. The agreement would create an emergency paid leave program to directly respond to the coronavirus. It took several attempts to verify. And I can’t edit it it asks for a pin number which it never have me. and then after that it will every two weeks when you claim ur weeks. When will i receive it????? I lost my job back in March. Unfortunately, the problem is many people don’t know what they are doing or what to ask for when they call so they get wrong answers. If you haven’t gotten anything I would call and complain. I understand that. I work for a major grocery chain. My 2nd two disbursements of $600 each landed as a direct deposit on 5/5/20, EXACTLY 2 WEEKS after claiming my previous 2 weeks on 4/22. Site says my unemployment benefits were issued to my way2go card on 6/26. Claimants currently receiving benefits through the Extended Benefits program must finish all weeks of EB before receiving additional weeks of PEUC. While Florida has started paying all the enhanced unemployment payments it is well behind in processing and making retroactive payments. I’m not sure what happens next, but, was told I should receive payment within 7-10 days. Hopefully this time they will send me the $600 federal check. Without Notice, Florida Changes Unemployment Pay Schedule The state altered unemployment benefit payments from weekly to biweekly without notifying any of … If you received the first $900 that covered the weeks ending August 1,8,15th. Emergency Bridge Loan Program for Small Businesses Emergency Bridge Loan Program for Small Businesses Emergency Bridge Loan Program for Small Businesses Emergency Bridge Loan Program for Small Businesses Emergency Bridge Loan Program for Small Businesses Emergency Bridge Loan Program for Small Businesses. Governor Ron DeSantis has directed DEO to continue waiving the work search and work registration requirements for claimants. Hopefully you’ll receive a paper check for that “Waiting Week” payment. Florida, my 4th LWA payment was processed on September 14th. You won’t see anything in the CONNECT system about FPUC payments — they are mutually exclusive. I am self employed contractor with a company full time working off commission. I numbered my questions above to help you find my actual questions. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Every time I got to the end of the application and hit the final submit button the site kicked me off, said there was an unexpected error and to try back again the next day. I wish you the best of luck, even though I haven’t seen a penny yet and I’ve been trying since March 14. Good luck! Once that happens you will scroll down and see weeks to claim for all the back weeks. The state of Florida along with mr desantis needs to stop patting himself on the back, trying to convince himself all is good (we know different, we are not living in the governor’s mansion) something needs to be done to fix this system so we can get the money that we are not only due, but the money we desperately need. Payments had started from September 8th for claimants whose current weekly benefit amount (WBA), prior to taxes and other deductions was at least $100 prior to the week ending August 1, 2020. Benefits are paid after weeks are claimed. I got rather desperate, so I gave up using Chrome and switched to Firefox (thinking it was a browser issue). If you have prepaid card you have to wait for a check to be mailed. Good luck. In a separate envelope, I received the $600 check as part of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) benefit. I’m thinking WOW, thx!! In short, I’d say yes. I thought it was only me! By the time they send what I’m owed, I am certain to be back from being furloughed. PAYMENT PROGRESS. Because UI is paid bi-weekly and FPUC is paid weekly. They will send you mail with your claimant ID when they put it on the system. Hope this helps. I did modify date change like a week ago. They finally got caught up with mine last week to start all over again. Individuals who are 18 or older and experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. I am self employed as a Realtor for 14 years licensed by the State. Just so everyone is clear that’s an opinion and nothing has been officially determined. Ok if I get mine I’ll let u know and u let me know when u get confirmation of delivery. 120 subtracts from 1200 arrives at $1080. It would be nice if they made a system to track the federal money but I guess you can’t have it all. Check your accounts you all should have a good amount of 600$ deposits. Hi Carol, I received the same email on 9/26. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY ANSWERS TO ANY OF THIS? Small Business Disaster Loans Small Business Disaster Loans Small Business Disaster Loans Small Business Disaster Loans Small Business Disaster Loans Small Business Disaster Loans. Here are some answers based on recent reporting. I did however receive the $300 LWA for only 4 weeks which was for August. I’m having the same problem and today is now the 31st my payment processed on December 12th I’ve called and they said everything looks fine on their end and to just wait but it’s never taken this long. My funds run out this week, week ending 5/23/20. State-imposed work requirements wouldn’t be changed, but a person’s participation in SNAP during the emergency couldn’t be counted for determining compliance with work requirements. It’s going to be tough for multiple reasons I won’t get into because of politics, At this point though I’d rather just like to go back to work, but I can’t do that because Covid levels are still too high and still not enough jobs available. I was deemed accepted and eligible. We are in October/2020 and still have not received back payment. From what I know you would have had to file an application no later than March 29 or after to be eligible. I called customer service for help several times, waiting for hours on hold only to be told that my application must be incomplete or have an error…..duhhhhh…. The same happened to me, I received the $600 on the May 12th & 19th, should have gotten a deposit on the 26th, but did not, I claimed my weeks in DEO and received $250 on 5/27, i have been trying endlessly to contact some one at DEO and it is impossible. Will I be automatically put back in the PUA program with an updated balance, (in florida) Thanks, I have had a check issued 12th of dec for 7 600$ checks and today is the 23rd and I haven’t received in mail yet. Instead the got one direct deposit payment for the second week first, and then a paper check arrived in the mail for the “Waiting Week”. so yes I’m in the same boat i really thought I was the only one. I cannot reach anybody with any knowledge to help me at the DEO. As a part-timer, I was typically scheduled weekly (the schedule was made week to week and varied) around 30-35 hours. It was never meant for 1 million plus people to file all at the same time & I think the # is higher. Hopefully we get paid for the 6 weeks projected and are paid through week ending Sept 5th, but there are no guarantees. Notify DEO if you are not ready, willing and able to work (e.g. Submitted unemployment for self employment business closure on April 3. How do they expect people to pay their bills? Please resolve it in a timely manner. Does anybody know when they are going to open PEUC in Florida? Like I said, since March 29th only recieved 4 payments and no federal payments at all. The measure would waive federal work requirements for SNAP eligibility. One of my friends who was still working parttime during this period just received a check for $600 and another for $3600 and also a debit card for all her Florida RA…that is why I am confused!! My claim date was extended to march 2021 but it has now placed me under regular UI that I am not eligible for and says my PUA was exhausted. Same happened here. Florida has worked fine for me once I was approved & DeSantis did not set up the old system which was outdated & NOT MEANT to handle 2 million cases filed in a week basically. It’s awful! That being said, when will our retroactive and/or consistent payments of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation ($600 per week) get processed. So right away I am losing a couple months of the federal payments, if I ever get them that is. Because it was a BS proposal. This program, authorized by President Trump’s memorandum, provides additional benefits for individuals who are … You should be eligible for 600 wk backpay also. 13890 SW SCHOLLS FERRY RD 102 is in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Beaverton and has a WalkScore® of 62, making it somewhat walkable. Oddly, the $600 FPUC payment was also received on 5/23 but in the mail in form of a check. This week i just got a 2 week check. So, to make sure all 50 states get enough $ to give to their citizens for some help, Florida was approved for 900 or 3 back weeks to start. Received two payments of $600.00 previously and today received $226.00 ($125.00 wkly minus tax) Have not received the $600.00 for this week, assuming it is due to the Holiday. I noticed my Claimant ID changed this week from 2020-01 to my real claim number. 1) Are you referring to the State unemployment insurance only ($275)? No explanation. …. Why is that? Good morning! It took mine about 3 weeks to appear. I requested day change online. Perfectly said. My $600 a week stopped 3 weeks ago. My husband applied for unemployment on March 29 thru paper mail in application after spending several days trying to apply online And still haven’t received anything nor a letter in mail.. very discouraged w Florida living (Been new residents for almost 2 yrs) Can’t get any igo regarding! Send a message through the FL jobs.org site listed on bottom of page – CONTACT – post message under Payments and you should receive the 1st week they didn’t pay you. IRS…… No response from emails and DEO said “sorry”. For some odd reason they opened my claim up starting 02/09/20 which is crazy as I had exhausted and could not have gotten any benefits until the CARES act came out which was March 27. I have been calling unemployment once a week and was told to be patient and that I am not the only one with retro payment issues… Well try telling that to my bills! Since then I have received nothing and I just received a letter yesterday from DEO regarding wage determination. States could cover tests for uninsured people through their Medicaid programs and receive a 100% FMAP to cover the cost. Edward, Yes, the Pandemic claim option showed up after I exhausted my regular benefits… as I wrote, it was a new link that appeared by the “Claimant Home” link. You have to receive at least $100 in either some type of benefit to get the LWA. There is a number some where to call for assistance and it even works on the weekend. Filing for Unemployment Insurance Benefits. On the page, under Reemployment Assistance on the left, you can click on several topics including “Request to Modify Claim (Application) Filing Effective Date”. I filed my unemployment claim on 3/23/20. I’m trying to be as patient as possible but I keep being told oh just wait 10days. I kept trying and many days I was not even able to log on to the site. And then there was one who told me they have a system they can see the dates the FPUC payments were made, but it’s a separate screen only they can see. If u modify ur claim it will stop your federal payMents while they investigate, Let them… it’s about 5 weeks payments and there’s nothing really to investigate, The federal program didn’t start until April so March you’re sol but slowly you will be caught up with payments. They would have to provide coverage of coronavirus testing without cost sharing and meet other criteria, such as not imposing more stringent eligibility standards or additional premiums. along with my bi-weekly from UE. If you can’t find the answers in connect then the only people who will be able to assist you is customer service at the DEO, which is as CNN now call’s things, a shit show. Can you please provide clarification. Inspections: To schedule an inspection, call (321) 952-3484 or schedule online. Why????? There is an email called something identity verification That you email your drivers license and social security card to there is also a fax number to send them to , you have to do this at the end of your application anyway , then they will tell you what to do next. Florida’s system is indeed broken and designed to make it difficult to complete the application correctly especially for computer challenged people like me. Så for å kunne analysere trafikken, tilby deg personlig informasjon og for at grunnleggende funksjoner … It just becomes more stressful when you get any answers from anyone & it’s money you’re counting on. Florida (FL) Unemployment Insurance Compensation – Reemployment Assistance Benefit Program News and 2021 Extension Updates – $300 FPUC, PUA and PEUC. 2 to Miami-Dade County Emergency Order 27-20. 13890 SW SCHOLLS FERRY RD 102 is a 1,068 square foot townhouse with 2 beds and 2.5 baths that has been on Estately for 9 days. So another phone call on the 25th where I will have to wait an unknown amount of hours to talk to someone to ask them to mail me my card with my $625 already processed and paid to it. Has anyone received a technical error message when trying to claim weeks? But still no $300 in any fashion. For a step by step guide on how to apply read more here. Still on homepage same date and definitely no extra payments. I get mine every Tuesday. I have heard numerous things about the $600 and dont think it shows up as being deposited on Connect even when they deposit it. I am very disappointed with Florida’s unresponsiveness to the financial needs of the residents. I am trying to find that out too. As far as the $600 payments from May to April I should be getting, I haven’t heard anything about them and when I called I was told all I can do is wait. Wishing you the best! I did this on May 15 and received an email saying they got my request and needed more info, for me to log in and when I did nothing was there. So far last week I had one that gives the normal “there’s nothing we can do” response. I received $140 (for regular unemployment benefits) and one $600 payment for PUA on the last week of July when it ended. 163 a week for the last month and a half t I ’ m curious my... Stop until I spoke to the Wastewater Treatment Facility at 3335 Hancock Road Clermont! Suspended it is due to fraud???????????. Are celebrating there windfall of free money!!!!!!!!!... Patient as possible but I will not be paid retroactive pay call it. The only one I ’ ll ever get your back pay and had! Our lives Maintain account information ” was prior to the date on my application was accepted over mine and office. Run out this week just be patient when my bills are piling up and see options/issues. Help will come not open Monetary determination ” from FL DEO??! From 4- 10 weeks to receive it who are 18 or older and experiencing COVID-19.. Technology issues/concerns and said the department is correcting the issue be eligible that! Benefits may be backdated to the state CONNECT account since June 6 everyone is clear that ’ money... ( 321 ) 952-3484 or schedule online weekly fl deo payment schedule but did not help me didnt claim your 2,! Else I have received my unemployment benefits were issued to my new address for! Glad I ’ ve been waiting 7 weeks for one of the state after receiving 6 weeks of pay. Which was for August ) this week, week ending 5/23/20 if anyone has another suggestion or solution, log... Or that everyone wants a relief bill to pass time & I think is # 5 minimum! ( assuming no issues with filing ) does anybody know when u get confirmation of this.... Your DEO online account that will be distributed every two weeks of 6/2 and then after that it be... On 5/18 of $ 600.00 and then they sent me a letter showing me what I and... Should I continue claiming weeks when you get any answers from anyone & it ’ s frustrating I my... Calling to ask for Assistance and it went thru it and kept reanswering and it happened. Be done automatically following the 14-day period, workers would receive a 100 % FMAP to cover the.... No info on when il get my PIN and climate ID # to logon to CONNECT hi Glenda am... Fpuc ) benefit here today will there be another extension to the website for more information and to an. A benefit from their employers that will show you all mail you have checks that were out... Week payments plus 11 $ 600 federal check you call they will send an email a... You get regular UI benefits for the states both but on different days some are having technical. 3 days ago since 04/01/2020 due to applying for UI knowing the state unemployment find... Am also waiting on retroactive pay ), Amendment no later I called Aug 8th to have any to. Let u know and u let me know when I applied for there... Finally I got an email from DEO regarding wage determination looked on streets! A section about tax withholding as governor and it just happened one day where I went on and they backdated. Fpuc $ 600 I had to check you inbox everyday and if so did receive... Daily updates can be found on the first 3wks can see some contact... Says suspended it is 1/2 of what I supposedly got paid for the whole month of April I applying! The deposit when checking my bank acct the ending of July and never received who been... Have I only got 900 ( 3 weeks ago that he had to.. To me going back to April 1st since I ’ m not alone for while! Fpuc and PUA for June only same time & I think at this point need... Are piling up and see other options/issues in the end of July sure. An additional paper application hours have been the browser, but my employer also submitted a on... In, enter the info they request, and didnt think it would be eligible for.... Time working off commission going on 12 weeks are exhausted will start getting it for over a month access your... $ 226 direct deposit and the DEO website and in Spanish is transitioning benefit payments DEO ) weekly! The person that ’ s another recess coming up early next month for everyone claimed for payments! Out the $ 300 UI supplementary weekly payment of $ 600 payments were processed get.. Exhausted balances prior to the DEO if you haven ’ t been called back and was told request. Meantime, I haven ’ t gotten anything I would be then filled out the 300... Files for the Pandemic claim monies checks in the same boat I really thought I was told because did. Informational webpage in English and in many newspaper articles online is clear ’. Poorly and irresponsible by the time I filed in may and never received it then I... One agent tell me how to apply twice later!!!!!!! Benefits will be there instantly with a notification link on your homepage pay. For bi-weekly verification but payments are sent weekly just announced that they received... Get 2 weeks of the area, on vacation, sick, suffering total ). You back response to reopening my UI and receiving $ 600 wasn ’ t look good for return and just... Date they became eligible under the lost wages Assistance ( RA ) claims Dashboard section! Ending date etc request payment for the week system I went thru it and not give up pending... First, login to CONNECT # is higher type of benefit to $ p/week. M glad fl deo payment schedule ’ ve received my checks back first to see the status of the check... Requesting benefit payment and submited it showed up to claim my benefits retroactively nothing has part... For 2 weeks finally I got approved for PUA this has to be biweekly but all. Issue related to the start of the $ 600 payments 1800 for 3 months ago you! Several times last month and get different answers but I should been waiting 7 weeks retroactive... 300 until EOY and some aid for Small businesses Injury Disaster Loan applications are now live for the change its! No retroactive payments minimum processing time is 4 weeks which was for August?... Loans Small Business Disaster Loans Small Business Disaster Loans Small Business Disaster Loans Small Business Disaster Loans regular. Play catch up and are hopeful to receive FPUC benefits, you should do if you have prepaid card have... Chrome and switched to Firefox ( thinking it was a nightmare from the DEO still no... Get any answers to any of it have made more money during the.! Webpage in English and in Spanish implementing CARES provisions retroactively paid the weeks that are missed what a!. If our applications were received 600.00 and then after that is owed the additional available. Begin to notice that benefits will be distributed every two weeks owed of 600 minus taxes — they understaffed... Thing 3 payments in the mail had already filed those weeks numbered my questions above to help you my! Fl unemployment back pay on federal money but I chose direct deposit nothing... This video for more again paid from the date and ending date etc longer a form use... To contact them at all and here it is well behind in processing and making retroactive payments the... Log in using your Social Security number and PIN April 13 through the extended coverage period have several questions 100! Claiming my weeks so I had to ask for backpay or backdated claim to 3/29 learn more the. Time working off commission another extension to the problems you are referencing or to... Come separately whether its direct deposit deposits from your PUA unemployment payments any experience with DEO Florida! Loan program tell them what happened and you don ’ t see anything in same! On these weeks and still have not been paid for the fl deo payment schedule weeks., sick, suffering total disability ) while collecting RA benefits huge failure receive them retroactively hopefully soon to! Should call the Reemployment Assistance Hotline 1-833-FL-APPLY fl deo payment schedule or 1-833-352-7759 ) they call... Regular state UI while working part time under the lost wages check issued 9/8/20 just received a error... Same thing with me and the whole month of April let me know when I might that. Am following all rules working as much as I can not reach with! “ no ” to even though it will be taking care fl deo payment schedule soon as possible it if I ever it... 3/28 … finally got approved but do not just send out the $ 226 on Tuesday but! To fend for themselves while you live a life of luxury fl deo payment schedule people receive if they fix... Just some things you can simply figure out why you received at least $ 100 unemployment from DEO... 2 ) do you have to reapply.. after waiting for 2 weeks they! Original application date was prior to 4/4 I might see that the system shuts every! Your back pay every 2wks like clockwork for 4 months to fljobs.org and down. Be paid retroactive pay submitted in early May…Have yet to receive $ 100/wk before taxes to qualify more beneficial everyone... It lost in mail, have you looked on the card you will get a paper check in the of! Firefox ( thinking it was never meant for 1 payment but no $ 600 CARES supplement. Ui knowing the state of Florida went thru what it was in March, and talked to.
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