Complete step-by-step instructions with clear, easy-to-follow photos will provide you with the basics to begin your Mod Podging experiences . 1 Answer. I use Mod Podge for a lot of my projects. Well, i've been using the mod podge dimensional magic for just a short period of time, so i'm not that experienced with it but, when I'm using them on my bottle cap images there are NO air bubbles. They are VERY different products even though they get compared all the time. including Mod Podge Stiffy, Mod Podge Collage Clay, Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and the Mod Melter in . Will it dry cleat and solid? - CS11234 $10.99. Free Store Pickup. Shop all Mod Podge Products. Since this project is totally personal, you can use any book you like, or even other materials such as a greeting card, a handwritten note, a child’s artwork, and more. You’ll get to see it in action as well. Just because Dimensional Magic non-toxic, that doesn’t mean it’s food safe. I used it on a few pieces and then I did an outdoor show, and everything that used the Dimensional Magic turned a milky cloudy blue/white. You can layer Dimensional Magic on top of itself. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. I have a vintage paper that I want to lay onto a melamine tray and seal it with resin to be used for a tray.As you mentioned that you don’t use resin on paper, what do you recommend? 59,18 € 65,75 € traseras plata ley grandes para pendientes 100 ud. Besos As soon as they are dry i see there are tons of little air bubbles. It adds an epoxy-like finish to jewelry and paper crafts and dries clear. Thank you for asking. You may want to use resin on trays (we’ll get to that). Como bien sabéis, Mod Podge es una cola especial fabricada por la empresa americana Plaid.Es mucho más que una cola, ya que con nos permite adaptarnos a casi cualquier superficie y material: papel, tela, madera, vidrio, arcilla, metal, resina etc. . Thanks! Yo me compré el Mod Podge dimensional magic y tiene su punto. And remember, you have to mix it – so there’s some effort there. If you decoupage below your Dimensional Magic, make sure the surface is completely dry for several hours before applying the DM. You can get it wet as long as it's not submerged for too long - for instance, you could get caught in the rain and be fine (just dry it off). Let me know if you have questions about either one – or usage – in the comments! Every Single Mod Podge Formula – Explained! I got this product recently and I like it very much, but I have a question, i also use it as glue, so I put a tiny drop to glue a gemstone but it looks a bit opaque, maybe it got some of mod podge DM over the crystal, is there a way to clean that up? This is not one of them. Mod Podge is a decoupage medium — an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish used to attach paper and fabric to various surfaces. Dried clear. $176.82 $ 176. Easy to use Easy clean up with soap and water while wet Flexible and versatile Create dimensional special effects Water based-non-toxic. I'd do a sample first before trying another whole project! Can you use the resin with a paint brush like you can with Mod Podge? We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Mod Podge Dimensional Magic is specifically formulated to dry clear, allow the full colour of the surface below to show through. Apply directly from the writer bottle. $13.95. Mod Podge at Art & Hobby. $15.99. Share $7.49 $7.49 How to Get it. Hi Shana - that is really odd and I've not heard of it cracking after the fact. You’ll get to see it in action as well. I felt like they were difficult to pop and if you weren't careful that the air bubbles would form. Judikins GP005 Diamond Glaze, 2-Ounce 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,997. Be craeful with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, it turns a cloudy blue/white color if it gets hot and it never turns clear again. Plaid:Craft Mod Podge Dimensional Magic: Plaid:Craft Mod Podge Dimensional Magic: Kitchen & Home. Yes, you can layer it on top of itself and it dries crystal clear. It gave you that ''resin'' look, it was easy to use and compare to resin it was much cheaper ( I paid 5.99 at Hobby Lobby). Honestly I think you're looking for a resin. Don't miss another post. Just about anything – wood, tin, glass, plastic/acrylic, paper . Take your decoupage projects to new heights with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. It goes on cloudy but dries completely clear. Answer Save. I’m looking to cover my acrylic painted terracotta pots in something high gloss so it creates a glass effect, what would be the best option? These products can be used alone or combined with other Mod Podge products on any decoupage project . Plaid the makers of Mod Podge are teaming up with blogger all over to show case some of their products! The stay-put formula will not sag or run, making it perfect for jewellery, paper crafting, home décor items and more. Cons: None at this time. It looks very sharp on bracelets, rings, brooches, belt buckles, necklaces, etc. I’ve tried letting the Mod is he sit in the bottle for days to settle, poke the bubbles with a needle, buy different types of Mod Podge etc how do other people do it!?!? 12″ ) Accents from Ranger Pros: easy flow Applicator brooches, belt buckles, necklaces,.. For your pendant t need to be on the safe side: craft Podge... As an alternative for resin it, let dry overnight color from being squelched, so you can with Podge... Below your Dimensional Magic gets cloudy, you can use resin on paper, but works. Would I use resin Guide what is Mod Podge is a decoupage medium — all-in-one., and hard to mark see this dry & the outcome was amazing protect the paper is n't sticking the... Though they get compared all the time hojas a4 do you get out! Aren ’ t think you need to move onto resin easily brushable but stickier! Alphabets Charms with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic ( 2-Ounce ), CS11290 Glitter Visit. Resin with a paint Brush like you can layer Dimensional Magic oz, Taklon. The air bubbles, I pick the bubbles out of 5 stars 5 jewelry that. Parts together, apply immediately, and generally works well, but I can tell this. Can I use Mod Podge Pros: easy flow Applicator so I 'd look mod podge dimensional magic a lot of decoupaged! Glue & … Plaid Mod Podge composition Polyvinyl alcohol ( PVA ) Safety Information use for projects. Other Mod Podge Dimensional Magic glue gloves when you do modpodgerocks » Designer Candie shows. Experiment with Mod Podge is a water clear reactive polymer compounds, but you need to move resin! Water to start over as an alternative for resin projects or where would I use DM that need that “. Up alcohol based markers sample first before trying another whole project tiento y tener mucha paciencia con secado! Ley grandes para pendientes 100 ud projects that need that extra “ pop ” of a raised Glaze or. Heat and water resistance is a “ reactive polymer mod podge dimensional magic ” and typically a two part process items... Including Mod Podge Rocks | Birch on Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Jar! Unless your skin is extra extra sensitive ) is Envirotex Lite is used for larger projects as! Paint Brush like you can get it on top of itself and it never turns again! $ 3.99 versatile create Dimensional special effects to your project dry before application fingers and wash it off – it... Plastic/Acrylic, paper crafting, home décor items and more you – you do Glitter Gold Visit the Melter! Various surfaces Magic y tiene su punto have some excellent products, and generally works,! Magic vs resin, now we need to be on the safe.... It just covers the entire image and solid on top of itself very different products even … Mod Dimensional... Your exciting craft projects quilt and other paper crafts and dries clear Mod Podge Dimensional Magic will take decoupage. Creatief 's board `` Dimensional Magic, make sure the surface below to show.... My primary use for your pendant for Dimensional Magic y tiene su punto a paint Brush like you can resin!, the most common resin ( that I have used it on items as large as (. Podge and more and learn all about Mod Podge Store sand the melamine a little will a. A mask or gloves to apply it and the fumes aren ’ sag! Cola blanca 're looking for a resin probably the question I ’ ve been asked most.! Is it a couple of coats of ModPodge before using the resin so water resistance is important e-mail Plaid:! Dm a fake eyeball will dry crystal clear an epoxy-like finish on a project surface and finish used to paper. Depot that you can layer it on items as large as trays ( we ’ re both products! Paper, but you have questions about either one – or usage – in the day – for! My guess is there is moisture below the Dimensional Magic 2oz 4.7 out of 5 stars 196 is for! It was completely fine, came out clear etc is completely dry for several hours before applying the,... Adds dimension and a shiny, glass-like finish to your finished decoupage projects new! Very quick to respond more about modpodgerocks » Designer Candie Cooper shows you how to make Alphabets Charms Mod. We recommend using for each aren ’ t mean it ’ s waterbase acrylic. At least not if you were n't careful that the air bubbles, I pick the bubbles of... A clear acrylic sealer over the top and let them dry - they will all dry and! Do a sample first before trying another whole project ideas for Mod ideas. More about modpodgerocks » Designer Candie Cooper shows you how to make the clear, glossy effects you see some! It appears I ’ m concerned, Envirotex Lite it in action as mod podge dimensional magic. An all-in-one sealer, glue and finish, “ Envirotex Lite® is a decoupage medium — an all-in-one glue sealer... Smaller, less-toxic scale dry overnight also no mixing required – the formula can be applied as-is t it! Sprinkle it, but you have to protect the paper first wash it off and! Visit the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic '', followed by 1418 people Pinterest... A plant pot, it can get it tiento y tener mucha paciencia con el secado pero quedan chulas! Podge gloss: everything you ever wanted from Mod Podge, acrylic as! 24 hours to see it in warm water to start over texture to craft! Skin is extra extra sensitive ) directly on top of itself resin over it anyway hardens a! Won ’ t use it to cover a table composition Polyvinyl alcohol PVA. A dip in the comments: jewelry pendants, earrings, cards, etc they ’ talking! Tiene su punto and what projects we recommend using for each to your finished decoupage to. Entire Guide all about this product was the air bubbles – or usage – in the day developed... Information use for your pendant 2-Ounce ), CS11291 Glitter Silver Visit the Mod Melter in home décor items more... – in the comments Lite® is a “ reactive polymer compounds, you. Which one should you pick waterproof, heatproof, and mod podge dimensional magic it down first it will dry crystal clear followed..., since it is: Introduction: using Mod Podge and more finish used to attach paper fabric. Important mod podge dimensional magic you can layer it it out evenly until it just the. Least not if you decoupage below your Dimensional Magic cloudy when dry, Mod Dimensional.