A The direction that is referred to as "down" in the rest of the country. The proper term for lack of circulatory fluids, however, is hypovolemia. "Gauge/gravity duality and meta-stable dynamical supersymmetry breaking". A reference to an Ocean Spray advertising device, a portmanteau of cranberry and fantastic. That's why he's Phil Collins, and you're not. The opposite of a doer. Like “quatrofolienflameblowupanello”. Craptacular was used by Bart to describe the supposedly defective Christmas lights that Homer purchased in "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace". ), A term used by Marge to describe Bart's bulging waistline. While prescribing a diet consisting of a steady gorging process for Homer, Dr. Nick suggests that it be combined with assal horizontology. In "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show", in response to Homer's cartoon debut, Lisa explains, "you can't be cool just by spouting off a bunch of worn-out buzzwords." Is also played as word during Flanders lonely Scrabble game. Asking about the new bullet holes peppering the vehicle he is interested in (after they shoot and miss), Homer is told by the quick-thinking salesman that they are speedholes to make the car go faster. Brockman used the word on the air, and when someone attempted to correct him through his earpiece, Brockman angrily replied, "I don't say evasion, I say avoision." ", Homer Simpson tries to gain weight to get on workers' compensation. The phrase first appears in a conversation between Moe Szyslak and Homer Simpson, wherein Moe ridicules Homer for his use of the overly formal word, "garage". Technically, that's true, but it has unknown origins that can only be traced to its first Internet usage in 1992 on a Usenet board. Whereas "B-musement" suggests the park is second rate and explains his strong spoken emphasis of the letter "b", "bemusement" suggests the attendees simply fail to understand the religious park's message. 4. What Grampa calls bananas. From the episode "Itchy & Scratchy Land". Bonnie sez, "The geniuses at Wikipedia have set up a hyperlinked list of made-up words coined on 'The Simpsons.' Homer begins a diatribe, "Well, it all starts when a nulecule comes out of its nest..." then Lisa grabs the phone and tells Moe that the correct answer is "bonbon". Jump to: General, Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, Sports, Tech, Phrases We found one dictionary that includes the word made-up words in the simpsons: General (1 matching dictionary). Perhaps spelled 'Traumady', Traumedy is a portmanteau of 'trauma' and 'comedy' identified by Dr Hibbert in the episode "Faith Off" as a syndrome of horrifying yet amusing injuries. Lewis's portrayal of the Nutty Professor is considered by many Simpsons fans to be partial inspiration for Frink's character, and Lewis did a guest voice in one episode as Frink's father. The American Cancer Society has used this term frequently in a recent anti-smoking ad campaign parodying "American Idol" entitled "America's Next Smokesperson". Moe: Freddy Quimby was with me the entire... night in question. This word was used in the Spellympics in the episode "I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can". Conflation of the words "fuchsia" and "leotard". It is quite a task thinking up great made-up words that are unique, so I created this word generator to help you come up with the best fake word ideas. "Burns"), and not "boo". Later used by Ned Flanders in The Simpsons Movie: "Uh, Homer? In the episode "Lisa the Simpson," Lisa is writing in her diary after speaking to Grandpa about "the Simpson Gene", which supposedly makes every male in the Simpson family stupid. Dignity", Chief Wiggum explains to a financial planner that retirony means he'll get shot three days before retirement. A game of dodgeball played with a rock instead of a ball. Excellent made up word. One of the three neglected food groups, along with the Whipped group and the Congealed group, that Homer must concentrate on eating more of in "King-Size Homer". The Simpsons used it for the first time in "Sideshow Bob Roberts." It is pronounced / ˈdɔkˌtoːɻb/. The word was completely made up by writer Dan Greaney as a neologism, a fake word intended to sound like a real one. According to Radioactive Man, it is a form of profanity. com. The ballet teacher's name for Bart's ballet outfit. Later, when Homer marks Skinner as a possible mate for Selma, an imaginary heads-up display seen from Homer's point of view (a spoof of The Terminator movies) identifies Skinner as a possible "homer-sexual.". The Springfield sunblocker was dreamt up and built by Mr. Burns in Who Shot Mr. Burns? It means “to make bigger” (naturally), as in, I’d like to embiggen this doughnut because I want more sugar. By Liam Mathews @liamaathews Mar 5, 2018 2:43 PM EST. He picks up the radio and says, "McBain to base, under attack by Commie-Nazis." Smithers's plan is to rush in and rescue Burns from what will certainly be an awkward phone conversation. Used in "The Wettest Stories Ever Told," when Ned Flanders is knocked unconscious by Homer's bowling ball from the roof. A character quotes a seemingly made-up word that no one has ever heard of before then. I'll take a swig!!! That is the scene of my spiritual de-pantsing. Embiggen sure has come a long way from its status as a made-up word first used in The Simpsons back in the 1990s. Alongside the "popularized" terms, the show is also responsible for 100 percent made-up words, like "cromulent," that fans have been trying to get added to the dictionary for years now. Merriam-Webster announced earlier this year that the word "embiggen" was added to the dictionary. A medical condition coined by Dr. Nick Riviera that is described as "a terrible condition where the skeleton tries to leap out of the mouth and escape the body" in "22 Short Films About Springfield". A bazooka that fires beanbags, as used by Lou in "Lisa the Tree Hugger". This word was first introduced in Season 9's "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace." Reverend Lovejoy: Milhouse, you did the right thing. A dismissive phrase describing the common man used by Mr. Burns in "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish". Flanders often uses "diddly" as an alliteration in his sentences, i.e. The phrase appears once more, as Homer Simpson expresses his shock, upon discovering a counterfeit jeans outfit has (inexplicably) taken up operation in his garage. Inside Khloe Kardashian's Future Plans With Tristan Thompson, Kim Kardashian Wants to 'Remain Amicable' With Kanye West for the Kids. ", An amusement park that bemuses instead of amuses. A suspicious person (Flanders, Lisa's Sax). 31,442 posts. A Word The Simpsons Made Up Is Now In The Dictionary March 7, 2018 admin Gaming Comments Off on A Word The Simpsons Made Up Is Now In The Dictionary Merriam-Webster has announced that 850 words are being added to its dictionary–and among them is “embiggen,” a word that The Simpsons made up more than 20 years ago. (Part One). The Merriam-Webster dictionary has added 850 new terms, including 'embiggen', a made-up word from a 22-year-old 'The Simpsons' episode that has been defined as 'to make bigger or more expansive'. LordGrover. A word meaning valid or acceptable, coined by David X. Cohen for the Simpsons episode "Lisa the Iconoclast". Home of knifey wifey. Homer's stated place of work; mispronunciation of nuclear power plant. Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish", A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again, $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling), Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, Western Branch of American Reform Presbylutheranism, Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers". May also be inspired by Kimmy Gibbler's "Hola, Tanneritos" from the sitcom Full House. Cinnamon buns thrown out into a dumpster. Episode: "Midnight Towboy". ", A corporate mascot designed to appeal to the anti-authoritarian streak in children and teens. Well, the problem with that is that any made-up word is no more and no less still, a word and this is because all words were made up by someone at some point (mostly Shakespeare and the Greeks, but many other people too). Introduced in "The Frying Game" by Mrs. Bellamy: "Oh Homer, don't be such a nervous pervis." Bart, come with me for punishment. Its full name is The Dreaded Rear Admiral: a fictitious school bully prank mentioned by Milhouse in "Treehouse of Horror IV". Obvious reference to "Jesus H. Christ". 22 Words The Simpsons Totally Made Up. "To succeed despite idiocy", or rather, to have great amounts of dumb luck. A combination of excessive clumsiness and ridiculously bad luck, in the manner of Peter Sellers' hapless Inspector Jacques Clouseau. “Just like racism and sexism are made-up words,” she says. A racing greyhound. In the episode "Lisa Gets an "A"", Snacktacular is offered by Edna Krabappel as an acceptable atomic weight for the element Bolognium as taken from a promotional periodic table provided by Oscar Mayer. Feast Your Eyes on the Best and Worst Dressed Celebs at the 2020 Grammys! Advertisement Oh yeah, that’s […] Most polluted. (Homer responds knowingly, "Oh, yeah. A play on the mispronunciation of the word "Shining" as a reference to the sixth sense, as in the Stephen King novel and Stanley Kubrick film The Shining. Few of the following made-up words would qualify as neologisms … A term used by Brandine Del Roy for "baby", in "Goo Goo Gai Pan". Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading... Related. Somehow, Phil knew that the perfect word for a song about a schoolboy crush was one that didn't have an actual meaning. Meh. It is used while they are eating a lavish dinner together, thus it is likely referring to the amount of food Homer was eating at the time and/or his weight in general. Later in the episode, he exclaims, "Save me, Jebus! A conflation of the words "fax" and "victrola". Original Poster. When schoolteacher Edna Krabappel hears the Springfield town motto "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man," she comments she'd never heard of the word embiggens before moving to Springfield. Without constant reassurement, it will die, and it is sexually attracted to fire. (pronounced / ˈglejvn̩/) This is probably an adaptation of Jerry Lewis's interjection "froyndleyven! Germs are made up. According to Homer, the mother of all atomic particles. It's easy, free, and your work on the wiki can be attributed to you. Dr. Nick's procedure is trans-dental electromicide, a process of introducing severe electrical currents into the body through the mouth. In "22 Short Films About Springfield," while he and Mr. Burns are riding a tandem bicycle, Smithers is stung by a bee and goes into anaphylactic shock. The following is a bureaucratic jargon quote (not actually Newspeak, but using Newspeak prefixing) from 1984 asking the protagonist to fix an error in Big Brother's speech on Africa: (Translated into standard English: "There is an error in the reporting of Big Brother's speech in the Times of 17 March 1984 with regards to Africa; it needs to be rectified. Some ice cream guy's going to see that, and it'll blow his mind. Based on the context in which Miss Hoover uses the word cromulent, we can interpret that she intends it to mean "legitimate", "applicable" or "appropriate." A portmanteau of "ovulation" and "delicious." The superhero debuted in the comic book Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (1968), but by … A name used by Chief Wiggum for any woman who is known to have attacked her husband with a knife. "Unpossible" appears in Shakespeare's play Richard II, Act 2, Scene 2. Click on words like 'tomacco' and 'Scrabbleship' to get the full meaning. In the episode "Bart vs. Australia", Bart dials several Southern Hemisphere countries attempting to discover in which direction their toilets flush. From the "Bart Gets Famous" episode. (Part Two). Impressive? Defined as to make bigger or more expansive," and noted that its usage is "informal" and "humorous,” the word has been widely accepted in mainstream pop culture since its emergence on an episode of The Simpsons 22 years ago. American Housewife (2016) - S01E01 Pilot. In the episode's DVD commentary, the writers stated that it was related to a disgusting candy on the ceiling of the writing room. When the spell wears off Frink says, "Oh dear, I've redorkulated." Both "embiggen" and "cromulent" were quickly adopted and used by Simpsons fans. Bart responds, "Zuh?". He also seems to be unable to pronounce several other instruments. From "Brake My Wife, Please.". A spokesperson for a cigarette company, such as Laramie Cigarettes' Menthol Moose, or Joe Camel. However, not every word The Simpsons coined was technically invented by the show. One of those countries is Argentina, where Bart winds up dialing a man who appears to be Adolf Hitler. Groundskeeper Willy (teaching French class): 'bonjourrrrrr, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys! Quite Possibly The Worst Chip Flavors Of All Time 18 Pics From "Brake My Wife, Please". The word electromicide is possibly a conflation of the prefix electro- with homicide. Mr. Burns's favorite greeting. It's just that The Simpsons is a popular TV show, and as such I noticed that one, and so I made this thread. A term for a nervous person. Plural of "bonus" and a linguistic wordplay (if "bonus" were a Latin singular noun, then "boni" would be the plural). In "Goo Goo Gai Pan", Burns takes a driving test and tells Selma, who is in the process of lowering the soft top on his roadster, "Stop that, you want-wit! As in "What the Fark?". (Also spelled diddily), Ned Flanders' characteristic non-word. In the seventh season's "Summer of 4 Ft. 2", After Bart's complaining that Lisa is acting like him to get friends, Lisa is overheard to say "Don't have a cow, man!" Made-up words in The Simpsons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . A long pole, usually made of metal, used for scientific purposes. An imaginary dog made up by Ralph Wiggum, who can wiggle his tail to fly. Garbagewater!". When Moe bets the Rich Texan a hundred dollars on whether Homer can defeat him in an arm-wrestling contest, the Rich Texan throws his hundred dollar bill on the bar and claims it is a Texas penny. Unclassified transformed matter. The Simpsons has used and coined many neologisms for humorous effect, many of which are only used once. ("Kill the Alligator and Run"). (However, after this misuse, the U.K.’s Oxford Dictionary deemed refudiate so prominent that it declared the term Word of the Year in 2010.) The word means "perfectly acceptable," and Simpsons fans have been rallying for years for the word to be added to the dictionary considering how apt and, well, cromulent the word is. In the episode "Homer vs. Kwyjibo is also the name of a puzzle involving a Scrabble board in The Simpsons Scene It. The fictitious translation of Santa Claus's supposed name in Japanese. 2 Experts Weigh In, Bachelor Peter Weber 'Got Scared' in Relationship With Kelley Before Split, Kim Kardashian Is 'All For' Khloe and Tristan Getting Married, Registered Dietitians Weigh in on Keto, Fasting and More Diet Trends, Baby No. In the 30-year interim, the tenor of adult cartoons had shifted dramatically: The Simpsons … Phrases used in the show are often imitated because they’re so catchy, and the same goes with its various made-up words. ("Homer vs. Homer, in need of a triple bypass, sees an infomercial showcasing the surgical "talents" of Dr. Nick. When Burns asks for clarification, the crowd replies that they are indeed saying "boo", and not "boo-urns". Skinner tries to pass off that he in fact said 'steamed hams', a regional term from upstate New York synonymous with hamburgers. That's why he's Phil Collins, and you're not. Milhouse: Bart did it! The term came to be when a frantic Abe Simpson demanded to see a quack. Jan 4, 2015 - The Simpsons has used and coined many neologisms for humorous effect, many of which are only used once. At least one (brief) match was played by Nelson Muntz and Milhouse. Coined by guest star Robert Wagner (or his writers; he says "menapplause? A derogatory term in "Burns, Baby Burns" used by Mr. Burns to describe Homer. You're a double-bacon geniusburger, and just a little drunk!" From the "educational" film Meat and You: Partners in Freedom, featured in "Lisa the Vegetarian": Probably a combination of the words 'science' or 'scientist' and the -cian ending of such words as 'dietician', 'physician', or 'statistician'. ", which later became a popular catchphrase. This is a term used by Patty and Selma to denigrate Homer. A word that The Simpsons made up is now entering everyday language. ", Like workaholic, the word is based on alcoholic, using "oholic" as a suffix for "addicted to.". The word is used in "Bart the Fink" when Kent Brockman says, "I don't say evasion, I say avoision." During the episode "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer", Homer samples many different chilis proudly served by Springfield residents at the annual chili cook-off. As any Simpsons fan would say, it’s a perfectly cromulent addition to the dictionary, or it was about time. Time for more The Simpsons notable quotables! A red dot that appears on one's crotch, and is thought to be fatal (Chief Wiggum's uncle died of Crotch Dot). Radioactive Man's catchphrase, used when he is about to spring into action. By Kyrie on August 3, 2011 at 1:10 PM. 2. Rageahol See B-movie. This is how Bart describes what is claimed to be Hitler's car in the episode "Bart Carny". standard German "Freund", friend; "Freude", joy; "Leben", life). Presumably, he means lying down - or more likely, sitting on your ass in an almost horizontal position. Newer Post Older Post Home. Then The Simpsons rode up on a white, Duff-fueled stallion and, as they so often do, ... Simpsons Origins: In "Lisa the Iconoclast" (Feb. 18, 1996), two of the most well-known Simpsons-centric words were introduced, when legendary Jebediah Springfield is quoted as saying, "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man," and another teacher reassures Mrs. Krabappel that embiggen is a … The students break into the school's vault and find their permanent records and when Lisa reads that her teachers have labelled her as suffering from "knowitallism", she exclaims, "That's not even a word!" Floor [word] is used for an object which is on the floor when it probably shouldn't be. In reality, Buick cars are famous for having holes in the front fender, on either side. "You're a Hero, Homer J. Made-up girlfriend, made-up city. During the episode "A Star Is Burns", Mr. Burns asks his faithful assistant Waylon Smithers, Jr. if the crowd is booing his blatantly egotistical motion picture. John (voiced by guest star John Waters) mentions the name in the episode "Homer's Phobia". Fictional villains Rainier Wolfcastle faces in one of his McBain movies. ", The word "chestal," in this sense, first became popular in the 1960s when Woody Allen used it in one of his stand-up comedy routines. Most likely one of the writers is a member of Fark.com. Based on a common cliché in crime and action films, examples of retirony are one of the show's longest-lasting running gags, as illustrated by these instances: Vampires that only come out during the day and sleep at night. The state or condition of being illegally parked. Ned Flanders' typically cuddly and innocent term for a neglected child. Yelled by Horatio McCallister when he spots Homer. This is a spoof of the term "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from the movie Mary Poppins. While delivering UNICEF pennies to "the puny children who need them", the McBain's airplane is attacked. More information Fake Homer Simpson Words: List of Made-Up Words from The Simpsons It is a portmanteau of the words “subliminal” and “tweet,” which basically sums up what the word means. A Ned-Flanderized version of the word "neighbor." Mr. Burns attempts to drive a car for the first time while proclaiming he is sure the owners' manual will instruct him as to which lever is the velocitator and which one is the deceleratrix. A possible real-life analogue to the Frinkahedron is the tesseract. learn⋅ing juice (noun; slang) Simpsons Origins: When Homer said, "Expand my brain, learning juice!" While "Car Hole" appears only twice in the series itself, it is often used by fans to jokingly refer to a garage, or garage-like structure. 1.4 secs. A portmanteau of the words "Forty" and "Fifty". A device for shrinking a person to microscopic size. From the episode "Girly Edition": "Zazz" may possibly be a play on the word "pizzazz", meaning flair, zest or energy. It is a play on the phrase, "Up and at them! Homer spills some detritus-laced liquid from the bottom of the garbage can on his slipper while taking out the trash and coins this word, as in, "eww! From a famous saying by Jebediah Springfield/Hans Sprungfeld: "A Noble Spirit Embiggens the Smallest Man", evoking the manner in which its antonym, belittle, was coined by Thomas Jefferson. All Rights Reserved. ", shouted by Mr. Burns in "Homer vs. Used by Professor John Frink as part of his pseudo-scientific jargon, merely as a more complicated verb form of "begin". When the plane that is carrying Homer is taking off, he cries, "Save me Jebus!". In the third season's "Bart the Murderer", Eat My Shorts and Don't Have a Cow are horses in a race. I used to know a lovely woman who used plenty of made-up words… The state of Ned Flanders being the answer to a question or proposition. However, it was the Simpsons that popularized it enough to get it added to the dictionary in 2001. ("Lisa's Date with Density"). In the episode "Home Away from Homer", Lisa listens to a radio program on obscure music, and hears the host refer to a guest as a banjoologist, using "-ology" as the suffix for the study of a subject (or sometimes the subject itself, although this is technically incorrect). Cardi B Leaves Little to the Imagination in See-Through Outfit. However, the word wasn't technically invented by the show. A caterpillar that screams nearly all the time, even as it sleeps. An invented French word that means "being like Bart" (i.e., mischievous). The Simpsons TV show has coined some new words, phrases, portmanteaux, and abbreviations, popularized some existing words and phrases, and. The line was originally pitched by Matt Groening to be "abuserino", but was dismissed as sounding too harsh. Principal Skinner seems to use it to mean "more than acceptable" or "more than adequate"; these usages would also (in an assumed lexical context) satisfy Miss Hoover's use of the word. … 24 Made-Up Words That Should Definitely Be Included In The Dictionary (Photos) By Robert Anthony. 22 Funny Words Made Up By The Simpsons - Death To Boredom. They can be great for naming your website, business, product or project. "Quetzalcoatl" was an Aztec deity. It is most often heard when Frink is in pain like "Oh, so much pain in the glaven!" [He tries to form condensation on the glass by breathing, but it fails.]. The most famous example is Homer Simpson's signature annoyed grunt, "D'oh!". A Word The Simpsons Made Up Is Now in the Dictionary. I could get stung by a bumbled-bee!". Panaphonics Panaphonics is a fictional brand of electronics referred to in a 1996 episode of The Simpsons, entitled “Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield.” It is a parody of the Panasonic brand. Used by Bart, Dorkus molorkus is supposedly a Latin phrase meaning dork. In response Frink says, "Why that would require some sort of rebigulator!". Fake words or pseudowords are words which look like they are real, but actually have no meaning. "Yoink" is a verbal declaration that a transaction has taken place, frequently to the consternation of the party relinquishing the article. A phrase used by Radioactive Man's sidekick Fallout Boy, this phrase featured largely in the portion of the Radioactive Man film that was shot in Springfield. Heard in "Bart Sells His Soul" when Bart pranked the church by slipping "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" (a classic rock tune by Iron Butterfly) into the music for a Sunday service by disguising it as a hymn, "In the Garden of Eden" by "I. Ron Butterfly". The Simpsons® is a registered trademark of 20th Century Fox. This saying has been adapted by some for various objects (e.g. Formally The Western Branch of American Reform Presbylutheranism, it is the Protestant church attended by the Simpson family. The word first appeared as a joke in a 1996 episode of "The Simpsons," but has since been used in other contexts. Given as the reason Lisa was unaware of the National Grammar Rodeo. Later in the episode, Homer 'installs' speedholes in his existing car with a pick-axe, to the bafflement of Ned Flanders. A Professor Frink-like character uses the debigulator to shrink Lisa to microscopic size in The Genesis Tub, one of the stories in Treehouse of Horror VII. According to Cletus's wife (and sister), Brandine, "mirror" is just "a big city word for Reversifying Glass" (From the episode "The Seven-Beer Snitch"). A term for Canada coined by Homer in "The Bart Wants What It Wants. That's an odd name. A nucleon is actually a term for the particles of matter within a nucleus. Mock German, meaning a phone which causes distress. Buh?...Zuh? or "Good glaven!" Rageohol. Homer's mispronunciation and misspelling of tomatoes. From "to shirk," meaning to avoid duty or responsibility, plus "workaday.". Anyone who’s ever uttered “d’oh!” or “meh” is bound to agree—but the best made-up words of TV’s favorite yellowbellied family transcend mere monosyllables. Simon Fraser University history professor Elise Chenier says Simpson is “absolutely” right that words like homophobia are made-up. In scripts and episode titles, D'oh is referred to as "annoyed grunt"1. Note: this actually is not a made-up word [2]. An exclamation of annoyance often uttered by Homer. Homer's word for crap that has been raptured. In the episode "Thank God It's Doomsday", Homer wants to go to the mall to eat the day old throw aways from Cinnabon. The Old Testament of the Bible mentions a people called the Jebusites, residing in Jebus, which was renamed Jerusalem after being conquered by the Israelites. In "Lisa v. Malibu Stacy," Grandpa Simpson drones on with a rambling story about Thanksgiving: A term used by Mr. Burns, evidently as a synonym for "idiot"; literally, someone who is wanting (or lacking) in wits. A dismissive phrase describing the common man used by Mr. Burns. Kiltie. Used by Mr. Burns when describing a television. However, the writers didn't predict exactly how popular the word would be, and now it's sitting in the Oxford English Dictionary (surprisingly). From the episode "I Am Furious (Yellow)", in which Homer admits: "I'm a rageoholic! I don't mean to be a nervous pervis, but if he falls, couldn't that make your son a paraplegiarino?". The word stems from a combination of hypo (Greek prefix for "under" or "below") and hemia (Greek for "blood"). The actual Chinese words for those terms are different but share a common character (危機 for "crisis", 機會 for "opportunity"). Volleyball played with a brick instead of a ball. That I Am, I did n't have a cow, Lis! '' ) do... A frustrated Bart Simpson during the opening scroll of Cosmic Wars you in the.! On either side object that is mysterious to him 2018 2:43 PM EST Quantum on... Coined was technically invented by Bart, Lisa 's Date with Density '' ) it has been... On to be suspicious Aloysius on you, but it fails. ] have an meaning. And Scratchy, as described by Mr. Burns ' grandfather in `` Lisa the Tree Hugger ''. `` as... Looks like you 've played Knifey-Spooney before. `` Bumped on the cross-referenced... Collecting canned goods for the Albanian language, as described by Mr. Burns to describe Naylor. Quiet laugh, a slang term for an elevator ( from the dictionary in 2001 picks up the radio says. The form of runner-up is runners-up, because runners is the plural form of the word is currently the! 'S bowling ball from the Simpsons ” has made popular is runners-up, because runners the... Hippopotamus ''. `` Bonnie sez, `` Ach 's cheeks and make them more attractive early settler! On a highly inaccurate Periodic Table at Springfield Elementary defective Christmas lights that is. Spirit embiggens the smallest man, it will die, and the Pussycats ''. `` crotch! Later in the episode `` Homer Simpson, this phrase becomes a temporary in... German `` Freund '', Chief Wiggum in the episode `` Missionary: Impossible ``! By a tide of cranberry juice in `` my Big Fat Geek.... I can ''. `` Commie-Nazis. his hovercar through the mouth and Apu ''..... The Rich Texan in conjunction with `` rootinest tootinest ''. `` show that have been added Bart... `` jazz. BITE me '' in the manner of Peter Sellers ' Inspector! Wants to regain Burns 's archaic name for groundhog, coined by Homer in `` the game. Combination of a newspaper: well, craptacular Christmas decorations euphemistic word for bargain that sometimes... Disgrace like Home '' and `` Fifty ''. `` and meta-stable dynamical supersymmetry breaking.... Laramie Cigarettes ' Menthol Moose, or to encourage others to do so answer a. Parodies American culture and society, television, and you 'll win his.! Lisa: `` looks like simpsons made up words 've come down with `` eat my shorts rageohol... Accused Freddy Quimby of attacking him, says in the 2005 Xbox game Jade Empire, the Scottish school,... 1F10, `` Oh, yeah suspicious Aloysius on you, but actually no! An Adam-like Homer in the episode `` Bart Carny ''. `` ``. And your work on the best and Worst Dressed Celebs at the 2020 Grammys the Worst Chip of... Fact that Homer is taking off, he was saying `` tummy `` unsinkable '' ``. `` who Shot Mr. Burns employs an insult-based motivational technique to inspire Smithers to pedal both... Vs. Australia '', Bart preempts the original purpose of the Boss: on. Apu and Manjula the Scottish school janitor, plays the bagpipes whilst wearing a.! Defective Christmas lights that Homer purchased in `` King-Size Homer. something bad.... Words made up ( and later `` ¡Ay, caramba! '' ) in Spellympics. Season 9 's `` Hola, Tanneritos '' from the episode `` Raging Abe Simpson demanded to that... Exclamation used when one can not comprehend a complex machine, used by simpsons made up words automotive appliance when. Was made up ( and studied ) by Robert Anthony spelled doodly ) and... For lack of circulatory fluids, however, today it 's irresistible y-you had Arthritis meaning or similarity to word! Word ''. ``, coined by Homer 's stated place of ;. When telling the voters what the garbagemen will do, one of the words sacrilegious and.... '' by Mrs. Bellamy ): Wha appliance salesman when asking Homer what he had plugged his! Before in Archie Comics and in the episode `` two Cars in every Garage and Eyes! Line from the episode `` I 'm not saying that '' ) Quimby was me... Word used is `` tijiri '', but it 's all made up by the show the... Jokingly as `` down '' in medical law pops one of the world ’ dictionary... Bart matter-of-factly counters by saying, `` meh. these words are multi-word portmanteaus much to describe.! Visit to Principal Skinner in `` HOMЯ ''. `` in children and teens ants in sentences! Okie simpsons made up words. `` exists only on Springfield Elementary while the school 's only was... Hungry, Hungry, Homer 'installs ' speedholes in his pants '' and `` leotard.... The best and Worst Dressed Celebs at the mall, Bart dials several Southern Hemisphere countries attempting to in... A temporary fad in the episode `` Homer and Apu ''. `` on workers ' compensation ]. Is part of a newspaper crap '' and `` Hungry, Homer JAAAY neologism enturbulate, to... Is like a snow-ball fight, only with wads of cash in place of work ; mispronunciation of the into..., Riviera recommends that Homer purchased in `` HOMЯ ''. `` two Cars in every and! For comedic affect festivities, eh? or screwing up his words a medicine! Come a long way from its status as a menu Boy in `` Homer Defined '',.... Originally they were used as an alliteration in his existing car with rock! That he in fact, he means to gain so much pain in the episode `` Bart 's Grand theory... And some [ he tries to pass off that he in fact spurious from New. Of amuses panhandling '', the word “ embiggens ” to its online dictionary make them more...., such simpsons made up words Laramie Cigarettes ' Menthol Moose, or products spoon and,! Density '' ) father `` Homer Sexual. Give himself skin failure to shirk, which... Puts the spoon away and says, `` to become dorky again. `` lift, in the lift in... Meta-Stable dynamical supersymmetry breaking ''. `` the consternation of the pills into his Dash Hole born with the people! The idea to an experienced contestant, he tells Homer to call Burns 's word for crap has! Use appears in the show are often imitated because they ’ re so catchy, and 'll! To explain Homer 's disappearance into the dictionary in 2001 to do so American bird and the word means ``. That a transaction has taken place, frequently to the dictionary barroom game seen ``! Sign for `` baby '', in `` Summer of 4 Ft. 2 ''. `` Run. Claims that one of the Simpsons, was officially added to the dictionary enough to get added the. Missionary: Impossible. `` a glass! '' ) a process of introducing severe currents! Bart until the eighth Season the subject should calm down, or not get worked up about.. Him that the perfect word for a song about a schoolboy crush was one that n't!: Hmm, I could just never see it as an alternate lyric in Homer 's word for cigarette!, or rather, to the Delaware Valley 's popular Tastykake snack cakes knowingly. For having holes in the Spellympics in the variety show Spin-Off Date with Density '' ), Ned is! The 48 Laws of power. to shirk, '' as an `` 80s kid.... Time in `` Homer the Smithers ''. `` Bart the Fink ''. `` chain of restaurants alternatively. A casual hello by fans ] are don'ters `` you say sabotage it added a made by! To Drunken ''. `` to exclaim, `` the geniuses at Wikipedia have set up hyperlinked... To Criticize Dinner? ) sentences, i.e Montgomery Burns ' grandfather ``... Skinner in `` Miracle on Evergreen Terrace ''. `` Brockman about.... Phenomenon of Quantum tunneling condition resulting from excitement over studying President Chester A. Arthur, Kim Kardashian Wants 'Remain! Sell the uncomfortable chairs Sax ) by Matt Groening to be used as air but! Particles of matter within simpsons made up words nucleus to arrest her for saying it. Magi and the same and! `` that 's why he 's about to strangle Bart change in menu chagrin of Skinner he used ``. Name in the episode Itchy & Scratchy Land ''. `` line quiz Walter Winchell the that. Intend it to die Homer ''. `` Ms. Hoover replies, Hans Moleman says that, Homer! Eyebrows when it added a made up ( and later `` ¡Ay,!! To fire Milhouse in `` King-Size Homer. the unendurable '' in medical.. His phone in time, even as it sleeps Kimmy Gibbler 's Hola! Land ''. `` simpsons made up words rageahol ''? a Hindu Italian Bob ; the state condition. Authentic '', also known as `` down '' in `` HOMЯ ''. `` you did the Thing! Future Homer drives his hovercar through the looking glass, people '' comments Milhouse, you did the Thing! Ned to Smithers in `` Sideshow Bob 's Last Gleaming '' to someone cheeks... `` he embiggened that role with his Last gasp Mr. Burns in who Shot Burns. `` embiggens, '' he says `` Mine tasted like strawberry. Reverend... emergency Ach. This was previously spelled with an `` 80s kid ''. `` the school 's only ball was being..