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Target Group 

For those who would like to continue to develop their voice, for advanced amateurs and (semi-) professionals. In an easy  atmosphere you will be encouraged to enter unexplored territory. From speaking towards singing. By means of stimulations the voice may grow progressively stronger / lighter / warmer / richer / brighter, the singing is always easier. Liduin teaches you to sing with courage and love.


For groups with the aim of jointly improving choral sound, focusing on natural voice. Strive for intelligibility, clarity, balance, nuances of dynamics, in short: quality.

Workshop Circle songs  
for pioneers & explorers m/f, investigate various templates of improvisation,
learn about grooves, moods & messages, let go of control, act and re-act, venture a solo:
have lots of FUN



Assistance in choosing appropriate repertoire, bringing the program to perfection.

Music Theory

For questions about musical notation, note values, measure and rhythm, scales, intervals (solfège), tempo, dynamics etc....

Conservatory Admission

Supervision of advanced singers who are preparing for admission to the conservatory or studying at the Schumann Akademie (former state examination).

Music as an examination subject at College
Expert guidance of  (teenage-)students in learning how to use and develop the voice. 

Balkan Singing Course
Balkan music is characterized by surprising rhythms, irregular complex measures and exciting dissonances . Some melodies are melancholic, others cheerful , often based on old (church-) scales. Groovy and fascinating tunes will be taught progressively, as well as sing in parts.


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