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'Ruim twee jaar heb ik zangles gehad van Liduin. Ik heb haar ervaren als een zeer professioneel pedagoog. Ze gaf mij als pupil veel ruimte om eigen vragen in te brengen en haakte daar direct op in met gerichte oefeningen. Onder haar begeleiding voelde ik goed welke dingen ik verkeerd deed en hoe dat beter kon. Ik heb veel van Liduin geleerd. Het is bovendien erg fijn dat Liduin nooit dwingend of streng overkomt. Ze laat een zanger in zijn waarde en weet haar kritiek constructief en plezierig te verwoorden. Daardoor durf je meer uit te proberen.'

Carien Overdijk,  december 2012


"Nooit eerder gezongen en dan op je 60e ontdekken dat je zowat je hele stembereik gewoon nog kunt ontwikkelen! Dat leer ik bij Liduin. Ik kwam eigenlijk alleen om in mijn koor beter mee te kunnen, maar nu kan ik er niet meer mee ophouden. De ontdekkingsreis is veel te leuk. Niet makkelijk, want je moet een gevecht aangaan met je oude gewoontes. Liduin hielp mij ook vertrouwen te hebben en niet op te geven."
José Knepflé


"In Liduin I have found  exactly  the teacher that I was looking for. In a short time she managed to fit in with my level  of music theory and solfègetraining with specific, practical exercises to help. Very knowledgeable, quite critical at times (fine, because I learn it so well!) but with clear explanations and room for initiative she helps me on my way. Although the theory is tough, I end up always full of enthusiasm and inspiration thanks to Liduin."

Renske van Leemkolk


"The singing I do with Liduin I would not want to miss. It's really nice to get singing lessons from someone who knows how to convey  singing techniques . Singing becomes easier and I understand better what I should do to make beautiful sounds. How I can use my instrument. Anyone who is thinking of taking singing lessons, I recommend : just do it!"

Jessica Bregman


"Together, looking for unique vocal qualities. Targeted exercises to develop the voice. Always a natural way, from speaking voice towards singing.  Working with precision on repertoire to create a real musical end result.The result is a bright, open, own voice, which will captivate the audience. "

Second-year vocal student




On to Leiden, to St. Pieter's Church, I put a rose in memory of Marnix of Saint Aldegonde, who was buried there on December 22, 1598. Liduin Stumpel, H.J. Dekkers and Caroline Han  sing the national anthem, accompanied on violin by Bohuslav Zola. Marnix van Sint Aldegonde, also author of the blockbuster Biëncorf H. Cher Kercke Roman would have written the national anthem. Although some believe that Coornhert was the author thereof. Willem Wilmink doesn't exclude that an unknown text is a 'one-poem poet.' We stick to Marnix van Sint Aldegonde, at least today. Liduin Stumpel, who has a beautiful voice, is leadsinger in the Balkan folk group Pálinka.

Meinderts Aad, director Literary Museum February 25, 2010 -"Who's next? A journey in 30 days by 100 writers graves."


Recitaluri de exceptie

Frumoasa Liduin Strumpel (Olanda) a emotionat şi surprins publicul prin acurateţea interpretării romanţei Romaneşti.

The beautiful Liduin Stumpel (Holland),  moved and surprised the audience by her accurate interpretation of the Romanian romances.

George Coanda, Jurnal de Dămboviţa, October 29, 2005 - recital of romances in the Festival Crizanteme de Aur, Tirgovişte, Romania


Stumpel has been a fantastic chief witch with a colorful, richly nuanced timbre and a huge volume full of hidden spot.

Lidy van der Spek, Leidsch Times November 25, 2003 - Dido and Aeneas by Purcell


Liduin Stumpel excelled as the King's Child, her playing was lively, her voice was clear and voluminous.

Doron tell, Reuters sept.1994 1 - Halewijn by Willem Pijper


Partly because of the excellent singing and acting performance by Liduin Stumpel (as King's Child) it is made quite plausible how the girl discovers that there exists  another world outside her dolls.

Jacqueline Oskamp, De Groene Amsterdammer September 7, 1994 - Halewijn by Willem Pijper


Big surprise was Liduin Stumpel, who sang the famous solos of Carmen with the deceptive ease of the professional singer.

Angela Cleves, Binnenhof January 7, 1991 - Carmen by Bizet


There are a few great solo voices, especially the singer who sings Carmen , if it takes a while before you have in mind that Carmen is portrayed by an actress and a singer. Is this intervention indeed necessary? The actress lacks the sensuality which immortalized  Carmen as a character ,while her singing alter ego has so much power that you wonder if  it wouldn't have been brighter and more dramatic if she would have performed that role on her own. 

Marian Buijs, New York Times January 8, 1991 - Carmen by Bizet



Liduin Stumpel, celle des deux Carmen qui chantait dans le spectacle de Stella Den Haag se souviendra probablement longtemps de son séjour a Lyon. Remarquée par Claire Gibault, elle vient, à l'issue d'une audition, d'etre selectionnée  pour intégrer l'Atelier lyrique de l'Opéra de Lyon.

Marielle Creac'h, Turbulences June 13, 1991 - Carmen by Bizet

Especially Ilona Stokvis and Liduin Stumpel  impressed with their interpretations of Dido and the Sorceress. 

Wim Heiko Houtsma, April 1989 - Dido and Aeneas by Purcell

Most notable were the roles of Belinda (...) and the Sorceress sung by Liduin Stumpel, who sang wickedly in a nasal way, entirely according to today's dramatic performance practices, and especially in the first aria expressed her badness with ugly portamenti : a fine witch.

Laetitia Smith, Mare February 1988 - Dido and Aeneas